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25 funny and random text interactions that show why some people prefer texting over calling

One Twitter account has rounded up some of the weirdest text interactions between people and it is absolutely hysterical.

25 funny and random text interactions that show why some people prefer texting over calling
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @crazyinteract

There was a time when we had nothing called social media. People used to communicate through letters and telegrams. But ever since we were blessed (or cursed) with a range of different texting apps and social media inboxes, our lives have significantly changed. Now we can set up our profiles and exchange messages through sites and various networks without having to travel far distances in order to talk face-to-face with someone.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Photo by Porapak Apichodilok
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

On social media, we can be anyone we want to be and slide into people's message boxes without care. A lot of people prefer texting over calling as well. When you are texting, you can add poetic innuendos, display your wit and shove in some puns which would have sounded very cringey in real life. One Twitter account called @crazyinteract has dedicated itself to curating a bunch of confusing, hilarious and downright bizarre text exchanges between people which shows how baffling conversations over the internet can get through text messages.

Some of these messages are probably sent out without a second thought and some of them are downright embarrassing but nonetheless, all of them are entertaining for us fellow netizens. Whether it is a message from a forlorn toxic ex-partner or a misleading conversation between a boss and their employee, texts like these prove that some people are simply not good at the texting game and some are way too good at it.

1. Someone is really desperate


2. No need for fake people in life


3. Huge walking red flag


4. Regular drunk people antics


5. An emoji speaks a thousand words


6. Confusing the boss


7. The amount of confidence this person has


8. Yeah, good luck to your manager


9. Kitty got clawed


10. That escalated quickly


11. He played the UNO reverse card


12. Mr. Gates should get his facts right


13. Some clothes pun


14. Landlord knows your every move


15. Basically, start going to the gym


16. The ultimate insult


17. The chicken won't like its own salad


18. Grandma's ghost is throwing a party


19. Some people have nothing to offer


20. Clapping back at people who hate your pets


21. When everything reminds you of him


22. No means no


23. Planning the craziest funeral ever


24. Damn, autocorrect


25. Thanks for the suggestion


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