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25 dog memes because we all need some of that goofy canine energy in our lives

Here are 25 memes that make a case for why our pups deserve all the treats in the world. What would we do without dogs?

25 dog memes because we all need some of that goofy canine energy in our lives
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Dog Memes Galore

Dogs can turn any day around and make it a joyful ride. They give you the warmth you need to unwind after a long day and the motivation to push through dark times. Through their love and silly gestures, dogs can bring an instant smile to anyone's face in a matter of seconds. According to News4Jax, 87.3% of Americans feel happier in comparison to an average person because of their pets. Apart from emotional reasons, there is also some science behind dogs elevating the life quality of their human parents. in their report showcases that dog owners experience a 300% rise in Oxytocin levels just by gazing into their pet's eyes. This raises a pertinent question: What do dogs do to produce so much happiness?

Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Simona Kidrič
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Simona Kidrič

The answer is simple. Sometimes they are adorable, and heartwarming but most often they are downright hilarious having rib-tickling antics up their sleeves all the time. They make sure to always give their parents some reason or the other to either laugh at them or be in awe of their antics. It would be terribly unfair though on the part of the paw parents to keep these moments of joy to themselves and not share them with others. Therefore, Dog Memes Galore has taken it upon themselves to capture some of the most heartwarming and funny moments involving dogs. These moments feature dogs in all their glory, being both affectionate and goofy. Here are 25 of their best memes that have won hearts all over the internet.

1. I will shoo you away!


2. Very very "impawtent"


3. "Sewiosly Mommy? I do you a 'protec.'"



4. That's just my baby dog


5. The couch monster tried to eat me and I fought back


6. Bring me the little trees


7. Am I a doggo or a peacock?


8. Happy Bark-loween!


9. Whooze the good boi!


10. I said no "touchy touchy!" 


11. Am I the drama? 


12. The council of doggos will prevail


13. It's the water demon, Mommy!


14. I have my own truck


15. Yes? Were you saying something? 


16. I am Mud God the Doggo


17. Did you say 'Peopawl'?!


18. We meet at dawn


19. I put my paw down 


20. Take that little demon away


21. Hooman poisoned me!


22. Dogs that steal your girl


23. It's 5 in the mawnin' hooman


24. I seal the deal with my paw


25. How could you?


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