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25 comics that inspire us to find humor and joy in our day-to-day struggles

Created by Sia Spark, who shares her own experiences with mental health struggles and neurodivergence, the comics provide a humorous perspective on the daily struggles of being human.

25 comics that inspire us to find humor and joy in our day-to-day struggles
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @spicylittlebrain

Mental health and humor may seem like an unlikely pair, but they can actually go hand in hand. Humor has the power to provide a temporary escape from stress and anxiety, allowing us to momentarily lighten the burden on our minds. Spicy Little Brain is an engaging webcomic page on Instagram that discusses the daily struggles of being human and the anxieties that come with it. From trying to socialize to trying our best to sleep on time to wanting some validation every now and then, these posts cover it all.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes

Sia Spark started this page to share her experience of "mental health struggles, chronic illness/disability, and neurodivergence. Humor is definitely a coping mechanism for me (my therapist says it's okay!) and I quite enjoy poking fun at myself, my brain, and the issues that I've faced. It doesn't make them any less serious or important, but I feel like by bringing a little humor to it, it takes away their power over you, and that's pretty cool."

Spark also explained what a Spicy Brain means, it "refers to a neurodivergent brain. I'm Autistic, and I always refer to some of my patterns of thinking and communicating as "spicy," so the inception of Spicy Little Brain was largely based on my thoughts and experiences as a neurodivergent person." Here are 25 posts by her that will show how delightfully ridiculous it is to be a human:

1. Life is a rodeo, I am a clown:


2. Just a state of mind:


3. Problem solved:


4. Is it?


5. People are not for me:


6. Sleep, repeat:


7. It really helps me:


8. Manifesting worries:


9. Nice or people pleaser?


10. Today, again?


11. Waited too long:


12. Capitalism must go:


13. I'm choosing violence:


14. You need it:


15. No more things, please:


16. I will get back to you:


17. Lamenting mankind:


18. Release:


19. I'm not the same:


20. How dare you?


21. Tea is my reward:



22. I will try:


23. Sorry for being absent:


24. Is it just me?


25. Embrace it:


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