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25 wholesome comics about man's best friend that remind us why we don't deserve dogs

Dogs bring us unconditional joy and these comic panels prove that we truly don't deserve these furry little angels.

25 wholesome comics about man's best friend that remind us why we don't deserve dogs
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Hey Buddy Comics

What can be better than having a fur buddy with a wagging tail and joyous barks to welcome you home after a stressful day at work? There is something pure and beautiful about these innocent creatures that makes our days better. Wanting to pay homage to this incredible bond humans share with canines, artist and writer James Stewart collaborated with his pal K. Romey to create the Hey Buddy Comics series. According to their Patreon account, the wholesome comic series was inspired by Stewart's Brazilian terrier, Buddy.


Dogs gift us with boundless joy, a truth vividly captured in these comics, underscoring our unworthiness of such furry angels. We love acting goofy with our canine friend and deep down, we know that a dog will always love their humans unconditionally till their last breath. Here, we have rounded up the best of the best single-panel comic strips from the Facebook page of Hey Buddy Comics. Scroll through these pictures and cuddle with your pet if you have one. In case you don't have a dog, these wholesome comics might make you want to adopt a fur buddy for yourself as well.

1. Dogs understand you more than anyone


2. Dogs can be a great companion for kids


3. Even aliens trust dogs


4. Simply happy to be loved


5. The Doggy helpline center is always active


6. They are always trying to help with everything


7. That is a match made in dog lovers' heaven


8. Humans get separation anxiety too


9. Even the manager can't deny a cute dog


10. Fur buddies for life!


11. Every food is dog food


12. Dogs are the ultimate source of happiness


13. No car can be trusted


14. They can't start their days without their beloved humans


15. Using the time machine for the right purpose


16. Dogs can't enjoy themselves without their favorite human


17. But first, a dog must become a cat


18. Dogs have only one resolution for the new year


19. Therapy is expensive so get a dog for yourself


20. Maybe it's not a ball this time


21. Absolute torture


22. The dog better know what it wants


23. Thank you for not leaving your human


24. They will die for each other


25. Barking until your human gets back home is a good plan


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