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People list 25 characteristics that indicate someone has good morals

People shared their take after being asked what were the indications of someone who was "raised right."

People list 25 characteristics that indicate someone has good morals
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Generally, people are applauded for their creativity, business acumen and sense of humor. But how often are they remembered for their morals? Rarely. The times have significantly changed and moral principles matter more than we acknowledge. People have long debated whether someone was "raised right" or not. This not only concerns children but adults too. For the most part, kindness and social graces are taught rather than inherited. Society, including kids of the present generation, has grown to show little to no interest in learning about basic moral gestures. It wasn't too long ago when it was cool to care, but now the narrative has changed to "It's cool to not care." Quite sad, innit?

A person's actions speak volumes about their character and can sometimes reveal whether or not they had a good upbringing. Nobody will remember the perfume or the dress you wore at the end of the day, but rather the kindness you displayed. To dig deeper into this topic, a Reddit user asked fellow users to share the indications of someone who was "raised right." Like always, the people delivered and we brought them to you.


1. Social Graces

Something as minor as saying ‘thank you for the meal’ makes a huge difference to me, as I was always raised to be polite and say thank you when someone did something for me; like cooked food, cleared the plates, let me stay over, held a door, gave me a ride. It doesn’t take much!-u/Punkrockit

2. Communication

They know the importance of communication- u/shybbwkitten

 3. They Respect Boundaries

They respect boundaries- for themselves and with others. They are not afraid to say “No” and respect when others do the same. Unfortunately, a lack of boundaries is an issue for a lot of people. Children who grow up in a healthy environment typically have secure attachment with others; handling boundaries well in adulthood is a good indication that they were “raised right.”- u/Smiles_in_the_dark ·

4. Take Accountability 

They take responsibility and try to learn from their mistakes instead of trying to put the blame on others. - u/-eDgAR-

5. Don't Be Rude 

This! I’m a barista and today a young teen came to get a gift card. I was busy making a drink and he said “lady I need help!” I told him I’d be just a moment and he seemed annoyed. Whatever. So I finally get to his transaction and at the end, I asked if he wanted a receipt. He said no in a very exasperated tone and literally ran away. Nothing in this exchange made me bat an eye cause people are rude most of the time anyway, but the guest after him was annoyed. She was an older black lady and told me “Since he wasn’t raised with any manners, I’m gonna go ahead and say thank you for him because you didn’t deserve that attitude.”
Bless you, kind lady! - u/jac_aattack


6. Better Watch Yourself 

There are five kids in my family, and people were always commenting about how well-behaved we were. We never understood why people thought it was a big deal, but now I know it's 100% because Mom followed up on her threats. We knew that if one of us started shit, Mom was going to take us all home. Immediately. No questions, no arguments. I think each one of us tested that resolve...once. -u/thelibrarina

7. There Is Toilet Paper For A Reason

In particular, public bathrooms. Nearly impossible to walk into a stall and not find a mess on the toilet seat. And when you say movie theaters, I noticed a lot of people in Manchester didn't clean up after themselves after the film was over. I was literally the only person bringing their rubbish out to a bin. - u/ Cyanide_Revolver

8. It Won't Hurt You 

I'm amazed the amount of people who don't clear their tray in fast food places.-u/farm_ecology

9. No Fragile Egos

They dont have an obsessive need to always be right.
Edit: There’s a difference between “The Moon is made of cheese.” “I dont think that’s true.” “FUCK YOU AND YOUR OPINION I WANT TO BE RIGHT AND I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE I SAW IT IN A CARTOON WHEN I WAS A KID. You’re not allowed to tell me anything!”
“The Moon is made of cheese.” “I dont think that’s true.” “Oh. Why?” “I think It’s made of something like stone.” “Huh. Well whadda ya know.” -u/Dizzymizzwheezy

10. They're Just Humans

I once heard this quote: Treat normal people special, and treat special people normal. That has stuck with me. - u/hcol8907

11. It's The Little Things

They don’t leave trash behind at a concert/sporting event/play/etc for someone else to clean up. u/DixieTheGypsy

12. Make Someone's Life A Little Easier

Holding doors open for other people, esp. if they're carrying something.
Saying "please" and "thank you" when appropriate. - u/ExceedinglyGaySnep

13. I Can Feel Your Breath

Close enough to see them often, but far enough to where they aren’t smothering you. u/fa7hom

14. Have Some Etiquette

I worked in a movie theatre for years and I would regularly have customers walk by me in the hallway and sprinkle some popcorn out of their bag/bucket onto the ground to "give me something to do".
This is not a joke. This is real. People legitimately did that. It still blows my mind. - u/Trippilicious

15. Sharing Is Caring

They won't take the last serving of something served family style. Instead they divide it in half repeatedly until the remainder is at a molecular scale.- u/Googunk

16. No Drama, llama

Someone who was "raised right" is practically invisible. They leave no trace, make no spectacle, nor create any drama. A person who was raised right is one whose presence is as strong as their absence, and, if their presence is stronger, it is only in the positive sense. Either you give something, or you take nothing. Neither a nuisance nor a burden. - u/Revenant10-15

17. Don't Spill Secrets

Many excellent points here- also how they talk about other people. Gossiping is pretty normal but how a person speaks of others and carries the secrets shared with them is a big indicator of their morals and how I 'see' them as a person.
It's one thing to share with a husband, wife, or closest friend the secrets or shortcomings of people you know and your blunt opinion about them. It's another thing entirely to use this information as social ammo, stepping on the heads of people who've trusted you with details about their life by sharing them flagrantly. Being trustworthy and seeing the best in others, even when they can't see it themselves, is a mark of being raised well to me- the ability to be a good person and not take the easy cheap shots. -u/Roosterfuck

18. It's Not Your Dog

Turns their hand over, palm side up to let a strange dog sniff their hand before engaging. Also asking if they can pet my dog before accosting her. She’s very skittish and I simply don’t get how many people randomly pet her without permission and then get angry when she growls or snaps at them.- u/LivytheHistorian

19. Be Mindful

They consider other people around them or who they are with when making a decision.- u/3EyedOwl

20. You're My Cousin?

I never realized how polite I was until I went over my uncles house for dinner. My aunt and uncle (dad’s siblings) and their families were there and I didn’t hear a single courtesy. My cousin yelled into the kitchen “MA, GET ME A FORK!” And all I could think was “Really? Your mom can’t get a please?” Turns out they’re all like that.- u/YandereYuno

21. He's The One

I knew I'd like my in laws when my now-husband did the dishes without prompting. I also knew they raised him right when he immediately helped my dog when she was dealing with back problems. He swaddled her up, carried her to the car while my Mum called the vet and cuddled me and her the whole way to the vet. The dog is completely healthy now and very happy. But seeing how he just helped and made sure we were okay told me he came from a good family.
I love my in laws. They are generous, funny and have good morals. Also, they live two hours away.- u/lostmysoultothedevil

22. Be A Good Example

This is a thing people mostly learn by watching their parents do. Nobody ever tells you to do this, you just do. And it's so adorable watching a parent wave and the kid waving after them.- u/tjongejongejonge

23. Eat Like A Human

They chew with their mouth closed- u/Winterhorrorland

24. Priorities

They put cereal in first.- u/ Sceptezard

25. Point To Be Noted

I've known people raised by horribly abusive parents who pulled themselves together as adults to become kind, well-mannered, and stable. I've known people who were raised "well" by informed, well-intentioned parents who became backbiting weasels. You can never assume how someone was raised based on their current actions/personality.- u/Azuaron

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