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25 amusing and creative cat doodles that highlight the personality of these animals

Cats can be intriguing, mysterious, quirky and amusing and so can the doodles inspired by them.

25 amusing and creative cat doodles that highlight the personality of these animals
Cover Image Source: Facebook | @Dailypurrr

Cats possess an enigmatic charm that combines mystery, quirkiness, cuteness, and an uncanny ability to demand attention while pretending not to care. Capturing the essence of these captivating creatures seems like a daunting task, but one artist has managed to accomplish it. Ainars (@Dailypurr), with their cute yet simple doodles, manages to depict everything these felines are.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming

In an interview with BoredPanda, they shared, "My inspiration for @dailypurrr sprang up rather spontaneously. Cats, in their quirky, mysterious ways, always intrigued me. That's how @dailypurrr was born! I started posting the doodles online after my friends and family encouraged me to share the image stash I already had." These cat drawings don't fail to make one smile. Here are 25 cutely copied cat drawings that didn't fail to put a smile on our faces.

1. When you're a hairy 'Caterpillar'


2. Say sorry, for every time you didn't respond to their 'meow' 


3. Out-of-box ideas to fit in the box 


4. When you're in that EMO mood


5. When you can't believe that you were so lucky to catch the fly


6. Pawrfect depictions 


7. No, we never controlled the red dot. What are you talking about?


8. Megacat it is 


9. Two whole moods 


10. Never try to fit in...unless it's in a bowl of food 



11. When you start to realize that your life is ruined after a barbershop visit


12. When you placed an order 24 seconds ago and waiting for delivery


13. A little dizzy-bizzy


14. Rise and shine


15. Power of Triforce


16. Those snacks are important 


17. They look down on us 


18. CCTV cats


19. How dare you?


20. Always room for dessert



21. Cutest moment


22. When you come to your dentist for a perfect Hollywood smile


23. Little precious heart


24. That pawkick


25. Makes my heart heavy and my mind lighter


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