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Here are 23 super cheap things that can vastly improve the quality of your life

For argument's sake, sure. Money makes you happy because it pays your bills, puts food on the table, and enables you to purchase beauty products, but for how long?

Here are 23 super cheap things that can vastly improve the quality of your life
Cover Image Source: Pexels / Amina Filkins

It is time to throw out the notion that you need expensive things to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Not everybody needs to be exorbitantly high or extremely fashionable to make you believe you are in vogue or living by generational standards. We often forget or overlook that true wealth is not money but the things that bring us happiness. For argument's sake, sure. Money makes you happy because it pays your bills, puts food on the table, and enables you to purchase beauty products, but for how long? There will come a point when you will exhaust it. What avenue would you then take?

For instance,  billionaires and millionaires worldwide have the financial means to purchase fancy clothes, yet they choose not to. You will never see Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Elon Musk decked out in expensive brands because they understand it to be a needless expense. Wearing the latest designer labels will not add to their success or enhance their work. Since social media is such a powerful tool in the modern age, if anything, it will likely divert everyone's attention from their actual work. If you still believe money is the only ticket to a happy life, this Reddit thread will change your mind. A post on the u/Frugal subreddit has people sharing the cheapest purchases that cost nothing to improve their overall quality of life.

1. Back scratcher

$1 bamboo back scratcher (is this an age thing, I never needed one when I was young?) -u/dogsRgr8too

2. Libraries

The library. Free. So much joy and entertainment and learning right there. - u/shiplesp

3. The nature is free

Long walks as often as you can. Preferably in nature. - u/bUrNtKoOlAi

4. Magic erasers

Generic brand Mr Clean Magic Erasers. Scuff marks on walls, gone. Hard water deposits on glasses, gone. Cleans every surface in my kitchen, gets label residue off stuff, brings outdoor resin chairs back to looking like new. I’m in love with these cleaning miracles. - u/lninoh

5. Tasty, inexpensive food

Really good food, not expensive either. Today I'm cooking mahi mahi over cheesy grits with asparagus . Less than $4 a serving. Everything was bought on sale. Last week was Mongolian pork with ramen noodles. Pork loin on sale for $1.48 a pound, ramen $.39 per packet. - u/lilithONE

6. Grocery delivery

We pay a monthly fee which is about five. I can order groceries on the bus on my way to work. The app remembers my preferences which makes subsequent orders easier. With a bunch of kids as a single parent, it's worth every penny. - u/Skipping_Shadow

7. Incense and notebooks

A small spray bottle filled with homemade lavender pillow spray (distilled water + essential oil). Spritz on your pillow before you get in bed for the night. And a small notebook to document your favorite moments of the day, what you're thankful for, and to set an intention for tomorrow. An earthenware mug that feels nice to hold Also if you're in a snowy place and short, an extendable brush/ice scraper for the car. Although I think mine was $12. - u/quadrophonicdaydream

8. Working out

Literally improves every area of your life. My gym membership is $15/mo. I essentially pay 50 cents a day. Food can be frugal too, eat in a way that supports your training. Large bags of rice, potatoes, chicken, turkey, ground beef. Frozen veg and fruits. Super frugal hobby that will make you look better, feel better, more mental clarity, reduces stress, etc. It's like going to therapy every single day when I work out, and it's 50 cents a day. - u/mrbubbamac

9. Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves to wear while hand washing the dishes (I don’t have a dishwasher). This was major for me, now I’m able to wash/rinse the dishes with hot water without hurting my hands. Also nice that my hands don’t get all pruney after. - u/lemon2421

10. Good tea or a coffee

Harney and Sons make beautiful teas (which I think are around 50 cents a sachet if bought in bulk) and they always make me feel happy. And fancy for a change, ha. - u/jpdamion78


11. White vinegar

White vinegar. I use it for so much around the house: cleaning cat pee out of carpets, cleaning glass, fabric softener, unclogging drains. Only $4-ish for a big jug. I hate the smell but it does go away. - u/dickbonemalone 

12. Succulents, maybe

Not always cheap (vary in price) but houseplants. - u/crazycatlady331

13. Binder clips

Binder clips. Handy for closing chip bags. Handy for anchoring picnic tablecloths to the table. Handy for posting things prominently so you remember to do them. I keep some in multiple rooms of my house and in my vehicles. -  u/excoriator

14. Microwave splatter

I received a microwave splatter cover as a Christmas present. I heard it was bought at a dollar store. It's my most valued, most often used gift of the past many years. - u/Seeking_Balance101

15. Fresh flowers

We never had fresh flowers in the house growing up, but now that I’m almost 30 and married, I love getting the little $5 flower bunches at Kroger every week! I know $5 adds up over the year, but it makes me so happy seeing pretty little blooms on our dining room table. Sometimes little joys are worth the expense :) - u/jlladd16

16. A kitchen garden

Growing my own vegetables. Getting out in fresh air and working in it. Frees my mind and helps me relax. Plus is fresh vegetables. - u/darkwitch1306

17. YouTube yoga

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I love her relaxed vibe and variety of offerings. So much better than having to go somewhere and pay for a class, and I always feel so good afterwards. - u/hillycake

18. Get those bidets

Bidets are amazing - I don’t understand why Americans are so squeamish about them! And they are a frugal choice in the long run. You spend a lot less on toilet paper! - u/librariandown

19. A good ol' game of puzzles

Puzzles. I exchange with neighbors and friends so don't buy many. Everyone in my house gravitates to the puzzle - we put on music, we drink tea or a glass of wine, we chat. It's a zen thing. - u/hobbitlover

20. Healthier choices

Lemon or cucumber water! A crystal suncatcher prism in a sunny window (rainbows everywhere!) A clean, organized home Exercise in nature (hikes, yoga, wild swimming, etc) Line dried bedding (the freshness makes me so happy) Deep breathing Tea and a book Fresh flowers (bought or foraged) Gardening Volunteering. - u/MixMaxMirror

21. H2O

Drinking water lol no sodas or carbonated beverages. My teeth, gut and overall health are a bit grateful. - u/WatercressSubject717

22. DIY lip scrubs

Lip balm/ Chapstick, homemade sugar or salt scrub, nice lotion, a protein pack hair mask, a moisturizing bubble sheet mask. Less than $5 each. Put on some spa music and relax the hours away and look happy and healthy afterwards. - u/NotAtThesePricesBaby

23. Shoe organizers 

Clear door hanging shoe organizer. I use it for storage & organization. I have ADHD so object permanence is important to remember I even have something. I have a lot of random small items that I lose easily or get mixed up with a bunch of other items. It helps keep my space clean, easy to put stuff away (just a simple drop), and relieves the constant stress of losing something. Bonus points for adding labels to help me keep it really organized and not mixed up. - u/SimplyyBreon

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