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21-year-old dresses up as his mom to see if he could pass as her and successfully use her ID

Jiovanni Herrera recently went viral on social media for dressing up as his 41-year-old mother, Monique Meza.

21-year-old dresses up as his mom to see if he could pass as her and successfully use her ID
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @moniquemeza13_

A mother and her son in Florida recently went viral on TikTok after the 21-year-old son tried to impersonate his mom. Jiovanni Herrera mimicked his mom's appearance by wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a maroon sweatshirt and accessories to see if he could pass as her while using her identification card.  He even donned a wig as he strutted his stuff in front of the camera.

“My son wanted to see if he could pass as me,” Meza captioned the video and added, “The answer is yes he can.” So far the video has over 29 million views! While the original TikTok video has nearly 3 million views,  Herrera posted the second video to the tune of Reba McEntire song, “I’m a Survivor,” after viewers begged her to do so. @nickkey_x commented, "this needs the reba intro song." @ashashbaby29 added, "I thought this was a Reba reenactment." @rromanimami said, "We need another with the Reba sound over it."

Image Source: TikTok | @moniquemeza13_
Image Source: TikTok | @moniquemeza13_

The 41-year-old mom claimed that Herrera apparently fooled the store clerk with his costume. Meza and Herrera also tried to fool a waiter at a restaurant into believing they were the same person. In another video, they filmed a video at a steakhouse near Orlando. Meza ordered a sangria and then told the waiter that she needed to go out to her car to get her ID. In the meantime, her son slips by where she was previously seated at the table. He's in full disguise, wearing the same outfit, and begins to continue the order. At first, the waiter seems a bit taken aback but tries to remain respectful.

He's a bit confused but after a few moments, he begins to laugh nervously. He still hasn't confronted them and continues to serve the sangria and take orders as Meza’s boyfriend and son continue on with the prank calling each other babe and trying to act as normal as possible. When the waiter finally learned it was a prank he said with a laugh, “You guys look alike! I’m shook!” @mariavleyva1 commented, "Hahaha the voice gave it away but they do look alike."  @MissyC0307 wrote, "Yesssss this is even better than your first video! I am dying." @__paolaramirez__ added, "I saw y’all at Walmart yesterday and laughed because I remembered the previous TikTok. Especially knowing your son personally! So funny."

Image Source: TikTok | @moniquemeza13_
Image Source: TikTok | @moniquemeza13_

Meza told TODAY she and her son look more alike “the older he gets.” Meza added that she has other boys, but Jiovanni is the only one who resembles her. The Florida mother of four sons said the features they have in similar include the “same shape face” and very similar noses. The content creator said her son was never on board with her taking videos all the time but now is super enthusiastic about it... he's loving his internet fame! "I've been doing this for eight years and he's never wanted to do videos with me, but now he's totally on board and is asking to make more!" she shared.

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