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The 2022 Australian firefighters charity calendar is back to heat things up for its 29th year

They're also planning a summer edition for the first time ever, to feature firefighters sporting swimsuits instead of work gear.

The 2022 Australian firefighters charity calendar is back to heat things up for its 29th year
Cover Image Source: Australian Firefighters Calendar

Things are starting to heat up this winter thanks to a group of shirtless heroes and their oh-so-adorable furry pals. The Australian Firefighters Calendar is back for its 29th year with six different editions for the calendar's millions of supporters around the world. According to People, the editions include the classic calendar featuring solo shots of firefighters striking smoldering poses as well as the popular animal editions—cats, dogs, horses, and mixed animals—showcasing cute and majestic animals sharing the spotlight with the handsome hunks. To raise the temperature a bit more in the coming year, they're also dropping a summer edition for the first time ever, which features firefighters sporting swimsuits instead of work gear.


Having built a fanbase across the globe, the Australian Firefighters Calendar — which donates its proceeds to charity every year — is taking its charitable efforts internationally this year by teaming up with U.S.-based Greater Good Charities. The charities' Rescue Rebuild program is dedicated to renovating animal shelters, domestic violence shelters, and homeless shelters with the aim of helping mistreated pets and people in need. "The Greater Good Charities is so excited to be partnering with the Australian Firefighters Calendar, we have been a huge supporter of their work through our social media channels for years now," Lesley Cave, the director of partnerships at Greater Good Charities, said in a press release.


"This will be the start of a long-lasting partnership on charity projects across the U.S.," Cave added. As per the press release, this will also be the first time in its 29-year history that the calendar will be printed outside Australia for the U.S. market. The calendars will be printed in Dallas, Texas, and distributed for supporters across the U.S., Canada, South America, and Asia.


"The U.S. has been such a huge supporter of the Australian Firefighters Calendar over many years now," said David Rogers, Director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar. "We are so happy to be in a position to begin donating to U.S.-based charities now and into the future. To be partnering with an organization as well respected as Greater Good Charities is the opportunity we have been waiting for. It was really important to us that the product was printed in the U.S. by an American company, employing American workers. For the Australian Firefighters, it's really exciting to be involved."


The decision to start supporting U.S. charities, the press release said, was in part made as a thank you for the generosity and support the country received from America during the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-2020. "Australians will never forget the overwhelming support received from the American people during one of the worst bushfires in recent memory. The money raised by U.S. fans went to support native Australian animals that were severely injured," it states. "One of the incredible local-Australian charities supported by the calendar donation was the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. From humble beginnings two years ago, a handful of passionate veterinary surgeons and nurses came together to establish Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Through the determination of the local community in Byron Bay, they were able to raise enough capital to build Australia's first mobile wildlife hospital."


"The support the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital received from the U.S. was phenomenal and it continues to this day. The funds have enabled us to start building another mobile hospital to support our wildlife in the event of further wildfires," said Stephen Van Mil, CEO of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Dr. Bree Talbot, Wildlife Veterinarian at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, added: "When the bushfires occurred earlier this year, I had a nine-week-old baby at home and felt helpless for all the wildlife that were affected. When this position popped up on my computer, I applied straight away as I felt I could really try and make a difference." The Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital will also receive support from the Australian Firefighters Calendar's 2022 sales along with the Greater Good Charities' Rescue Rebuild program, Australian Seabird Rescue, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, and a few other nonprofits. 

You can purchase all six calendars here at



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