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20 valuable pieces of life advice from older women that will benefit women of all age groups

Life teaches you several things with time and it's best to pass down the wisdom you have gathered over the years to the younger generation.

20 valuable pieces of life advice from older women that will benefit women of all age groups
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Age is not just a number. With age comes experience and wisdom that can benefit the younger generation. A Reddit user, u/lonelysadbitch11, popped an interesting question to the community: "What advice would you give to a woman in her 20s that is NOT relationship, dating, sex, pregnancy or children related?"

A bunch of netizens, presumably older women in the Reddit community, showed up in the comment section to share what they've learned in their lives so far. Whether it is about being financially independent or dating the right person, they have all sorts of advice to share with the younger women in society. 

So, scroll through and read these twenty pieces of advice on topics that are rarely discussed:

1. Wearing the right shoes

"Wear comfortable shoes. I know fashion is a thing, but you can damage your feet by wearing extreme shoes frequently, sometimes permanently, oftentimes requiring months of physical therapy. If you just have to wear the pumps, take a pair of flats to wear there and back."  —u/dubkitteh1

2. Evolving your personality

"Try to actively work on becoming an interesting person. Do cool things, pick up cool hobbies, and don’t just follow the crowd. It will go a long way for you. It’s advice that I’d give to anyone that age." —u/AverageSizeWayne 

3. Become efficient

"Have your own box of tools and know how to use them all." —u/AssistEuphoric7342

4. Put efforts where it counts

"Sometimes this takes a lot of extra effort because your closest friends often live far away or get busy with partners, babies, or careers. You might need to put in some extra effort you feel they can't offer right then, but it's so worth it down the line."—u/zazzlekdazzle

5. Don't let your life revolve around your partner

 "Don't let your significant other become your whole social life. It is so easy to get lazy and just do everything with that person and tell that person everything and leave others out. But it really makes your life so much richer (and is usually great for your relationship) to have intimate connections outside of your partner." —u/zazzlekdazzle

6. Fix your relationship with your parents

"Get a head start on resolving your relationship with your parents. It takes lots of years to stop blaming them for every little problem we have (even if we're close). It's really not productive and prevents you from moving forward in your life and growing as a person. Self-accountability is one of the greatest life skills to develop." —u/zazzlekdazzle

7. Be your own master

"Be your own best advocate: professionally, in healthcare, financially, personally, in everything. Don't trust that the other person or party has your best interest at heart. Do your own research for each situation to advocate or find the best advocate for the best outcome for yourself." —u/NoMorningGlory 

8. Seek help from experts

"Get a second (or third) opinion for a doctor's prognosis, and hire an experienced attorney to review your work, rent, and sale contracts. Negotiate for the highest starting salary or extra benefits, and advocate for yourself in your networks and with mentors. It can be exhausting at times, but no one will look out for your best interests better than you." —u/NoMorningGlory

9. Spot the red flags

"Every time you start dating, write down what you feel is a red or even orange flag. Really read it at the end of every week and consider if you want to continue dating that person or not. We tend to ignore these flags and forget about it but believe me it will bite you later." —u/baker1310

10. Enjoy your own company

"Learn to be alone and enjoy your own company before jumping into a relationship just because it looks safer or the normal thing to do. Know yourself, love yourself, and only then go put yourself out there. By then you'll know what you want too. And yes it can take years but that's ok." —u/Constant_Bake5501

11.  The 30s is a new beginning

"I once read somewhere and absolutely loved it, 'Everything you do until your 30s are not mistakes, they are experiences.'" —u/Quirky-Professor-830 

12. Let go of emotions

"When life is hard, when things sadden you, feel what you need to feel without feeling guilty. Let go of these when you are ready to do so. I always ask myself, 'Will this matter in five years? Will I see this person in 5 years?' Usually, it helps me." —u/Quirky-Professor-830  

13. Don't be a people pleaser

"People don't think of you as much as you think they do. That's why you have to do what makes you happy and satisfied." —u/Quirky-Professor-830 

14. Always try something new

"You’re never too old to try something new. Even though it feels like you have to make set decisions, you have so much life ahead of you and so many cool experiences to be had. No hobby, skill, or activity is impossible to try, and it provides a nice and healthy break from the routine we follow."—u/Hyrulian_Citizen

15. Be satisfied with what you have

"It’s so easy to get caught up in the system, whether that be school or friends or work. Time goes by faster and faster, and there is already so little time as it is. You don’t have to live a luxurious life to enjoy it. Try to actively focus on making happy and enjoyable moments throughout the day." —u/Hyrulian_Citizen

16. Trust your guts

"Always listen to your gut instincts." —u/Mysterious_Yogurt_93

17. Become a mechanic too

"Learn how to fix your vehicle, including tire changes and pressure." —u/Sharonfromhell

18. Avoid drama

"Stay away from drama, don’t get sucked into it. Don’t talk about people behind their backs, and don’t judge people based on what you see on the surface." —u/anarchyreigns

19. Save for retirement

"Save for retirement and stay active. If you haven’t ever done either, then start. Stay flexible and work on your posture. Drink lots of water, eat your fruits and veggies, and stay away from all forms of tobacco. Practice self-care. Wear sunscreen, and apply it every few hours. Go get a well-woman check every few years at the doctor." —u/Mokelachild

20. Don't depend on others

"Make sure you can look after yourself and don't have to depend on someone else. Financial freedom is more important than it may seem and it takes work, yes. But it is a million times better than becoming dependent on someone who does not have your best interest at heart and getting stuck in a place where you are not safe." —u/ILikeLamas678

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