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20 people share experiences of talking in their sleep and it's hilarious

'I apparently unlock my phone, open the notes app and write without ever waking up.'

20 people share experiences of talking in their sleep and it's hilarious
Image Source: (L) Getty Images/Letizia Le Fur; (R) Twitter/@Joanna__Hardy

Somniloquy has been defined as the harmless, unconscious habit of talking in one's sleep. Roughly 5% of adults continue to engage in the habit on a regular basis even after childhood, according to Sleep Foundation. Sleep talking is one of those incredibly unusual things that you can perform without having any memory of it when your mind is deeply immersed in dreams and your motor functions are slowly returning to reality. The behavior is quite common but sometimes the context can be hilarious or terrifying. That was undoubtedly the case with these Twitter users who revealed the funniest, oddest things they had ever said (or overheard others say) when they were asleep. It all started when Twitter user @Joanna__Hardy posted a fun tidbit about her husband, who at 2 a.m. one night, sat up and shouted, asking if there will be a buffet. 



The tweet sparked a fun exchange with many Twitter users sharing experiences of their own, contributing to the hilarious thread. Here are 20 such responses:

1. Trombones



2. The dream footballer



3. Hairdressers



4. The diver



5. Is this an arm?



6. Dream writer



7. I don't want to be a chicken



8. Where are the hedgehogs?



9. Thomas the Engine



10. Portugese monsters



11. My hymn book



12. The good idea



13. Of vampires and lions




14. When water drips



15. Burglars



16. Evil giraffe robot



17. Spoon



18. He's got a gun



19. Salamander



20. Parachutes



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