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20 people share subtle 'red flags' they see in others and it's eye opening

Reddit users share a few things about people around them that make them feel unsettled, angry, embarrassed or awkward.

20 people share subtle 'red flags' they see in others and it's eye opening
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | (R) Reddit - u/Sarcasmqueen444

Choosing new friends or getting into a new relationship is not as easy as it sounds. Despite being careful about the other decisions of our life, we often end up turning blind eye towards red flags of our partner. It happens because we tend to lean towards people who match our energy, thought process and values, overlooking the minor charactersticks of that person. To avoid mingling with the wrong crowd or befriending the wrong person, we should always watch out for the "red flags" or the warning signals in a person which essentially tells us whether or not it's right to be in their vicinity. So, u/yuko-mo-me tossed a question to the Reddit community, asking people: "What's something subtle that instantly gives you bad vibes about someone?" In not time, users rushed to the comments section, sharing their respective experiences. Here are some of the best responses where users point out numerous ways to detect a person with bad vibe. 

1. The facts

"Not being a reliable narrator and believing your assumptions as facts. Small exaggerations or telling stories from your perspective once in a while are fine but seemingly being unable to frame your perspective and feelings separate from the rest of the world is concerning. My sister will often state other people’s thoughts or feelings she believes as if they are facts. Needless to say she can’t be relied on for a trustworthy depiction of events, even in the lowest stake scenarios"

2. Put the cart back!

"They don't return the cart after loading up the car."

3. Bad significant other

"Sh-t talking their significant other."

4. Entitlement

"Sense of entitlement." - u/StakkAttakk

5. Hey there!

"They’re standing nak*d in my kitchen by the open fridge drinking my coconut milk straight from the carton."

6. Roasts

"Another one is when they start 'playfully' roasting you too early on in a connection. That’s for close people and we aren’t anywhere near that."

7. Patience

"They interrupt multiple times when it’s your turn to tell a story or explain something."

8. Parking jobs

"When they park in the fire lane to run into the grocery store or dry cleaners or whatever, especially if it’s in a parking lot where only one car can get around them at a time."

9. Too pushy!

"When they’re far too pushy with questions and don’t leave you alone despite you making it super obvious that you don’t want to answer their questions."

10. Insulting

"That whole compliment but it’s an insult thing and then they laugh it off as a joke."

11. Eating food

"Obsessing about how other people eat their food. Particularly getting annoyed at plain eaters. Like, eat your own food and mind your own damn business. How someone else eats isn’t going to affect your food. I’ve never met someone who does that who didn’t turn out to be a d*ck."

12. Turn it off!

"If you’re blasting music in public, I instantly hate you."

13. Too much name

"People who incessantly refer to you by name in a conversation. It comes across like some weird sales/cult strategy to engineer fake rapport."

14. Never wrong

"If they’re always the 'good guy' when they tell stories about bad situations."

15. Give a little!

"When they take but never give. Personally, I believe friendship should be as equal and balanced as possible but if a friend can’t even meet you a quarter of the way? They ain’t your friend."

16. Jokes

"They make jokes at other people’s expense, but can’t stand it when someone jokes about them."

17. Little lies

"Small lies. It can be anything. What they ate the night before, when they came home, was their favorite color. The smaller the lie is, the more suspicious the person becomes to me."

18. Yellow glasses

"I have a friend who’s a psychiatrist, he says it’s psychiatrist lore to always beware of men with yellow-tinted glasses lenses."

19. Listening

"When someone doesn’t listen to you. As in actually, hear what you’re saying. It’s one thing if they don’t understand how you’re feeling and you need to clarify. It’s another when they’re blatantly ignoring you because they’re being selfish or defensive."

20. Just negativity in general

"Talking crap or making fun of/nitpicking everyone that walks by."

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