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19 people share iconic and hilarious 'dad' moments of their fathers: 'I crashed the florist's car'

Some of these stories served as physical illustrations of true 'dadness' in the greatest meaning of the word.

19 people share iconic and hilarious 'dad' moments of their fathers: 'I crashed the florist's car'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @RoseFle54723126

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 28, 2023. It has since been updated.

Dad jokes may not have as many fans but everybody can relate to the funny banter every dad waits to make. The puns and jokes would often go flat with an awkward silence as the room full of family and friends would go silent to ponder upon the context and the wordplay by dads.

Laurie Charles, who goes by @thestuffofmemes, on Twitter, asked everyone, “What was the best Dad moment your dad ever had?” to come across some of the most bizarre and classic dad jokes. To relate with and share some of the hilarious encounters people across the Twitter platform bombarded this thread with their funny anecdotes.


The readers' emotions must have been very tenderly affected by the topic since several stories seemed to fall from the sky. Some people are still mad at their fathers, some have tremendously moving tales about their fathers in their memories and other people even recall utterly absurd and embarrassing experiences. Here are some of the most amusing and rib-tickling anecdotes shared by people in the thread.

1. Classic Dad-act



2. Send him the address, please!



3. That went "too far"


4. Undoubtedly a dad move


5. Savings with bulk shopping? 


6. Anything is possible if a dad wills


7. Errr... Surprise? 


8. Ayyo dad did it well!


9. Supportive dads are the best


10. We like the idea


11. Accurately blunt


12. A bit tech-challenged




14.  Relatable for every dad owner


15. That was out of the blue


16. Typical dad move


17. Always with the names


18. Father needs to know


19. A little context before the shock 


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