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20 people revealed what their 'useless' superpowers are and it's somewhat silly and amusing

Recently, in a Reddit thread, people revealed their useless superpowers, no matter how silly or uncool they may be.

20 people revealed what their 'useless' superpowers are and it's somewhat silly and amusing
Cover Image Source: Pexels /Kristina Paukshtite

When we think of superpowers, they are often associated with flying, being invisible, or—even better—wielding Thor's hammer. These are the quintessential abilities of a superhuman. But you would be surprised to know that there is a whole range of unconventional superpowers that exist but have never made a Marvel debut. Recently, in a Reddit thread, people revealed their useless superpowers, no matter how silly or uncool they may be. Humans are wonderfully weird as it is, but these superpowers set a new quotient and showcase strange abilities that are part strange and part comical. In a generation that only celebrates the DC and Marvel universes, it is time we embrace the superheroes, or unsung heroes, if you will, from planet Earth.

From an uncanny ability to choose what to dream about every night to minimizing crumbs while eating a crumbly cookie to being able to pee in your dream without wetting yourself, this thread will keep you occupied when you're practicing to be invisible at work.

1. The footman

If I drop something by accident, I always somehow make the right decision to either move my foot out of the way or try and catch it with my foot. -u/seratoninsgone

2. Anti-human repellent 

I can walk into a crowd of people and it naturally disperses. Have had this since high school, told my buddies-they laughed at me, until I walked onto a dance floor and soon had a 4ft open circle around me. They became believers. To be clear, I shower daily, wash and launder my clothes weekly, practice good hygiene, etc. I literally just walk into a crowd, and it disperses. Just did it last week at my local mall—started laughing and said, “Shoulda video’ed it for the boys.” -u/ Mzunguman


3. Parking fairy

My daughter has a parking fairy, basically she can pull into a shopping centre carpark and someone will pull out in front of her so she can park. My mother-in-law had the same power. -u/daftvaderV2

4. The silent farter

I can fart silently like no one’s business - u/cluelessgirl127


5. The poo detector

I can tell when a d og needs to poop. This includes dogs other than my own, and I can call it anywhere from a few seconds before the deed all the way up to a few minutes. It’s a blessing, and a curse. - u/djdynastyhandbag

6. Dragon slayer

I can lucid dream and will have very vivid dreams as well. This has backfired on multiple occasions with awful nightmares/night terrors. However the dreams where I can fly or turn into a dragon are pretty awesome. - u/RomanRefrigerator


7. The ideal employee

Ability to focus on an incredibly boring and repetitive task for hours with no incentive. - u/explosivepro

8. Disney Princess

Animals tend to like me more than the other people around. Found that out in my early thirties. Since then I now have my second dog. I'm able to form a deep bond to animals in a short amount of time. Sometimes dogs meet me and won't leave my side, even when the owner is shouting for them. I would never say it's useless but I have several negative issues in my life that I would like to lose instead of being the animal friend. - u/Trumpassassin777


9. Baby Blues

I've never really told anyone this before, but I think I remember being born. I've had these "memories" my whole life. I'm in a completely enclosed space, with the space touching my skin and whole body, but not claustrophobic. Then there are moments where it's smooth, and then all... crunched up? Like a smooth piece of aluminum foil, then it's all wrinkled, then smooth again. It's dark, but also my eyes aren't open or closed. Sometimes I'll get this memory when I'm falling asleep. I can't think of anything else it could be. - u/drunkjulia

10.  Ate and left no crumbs

I'm pretty good at minimizing crumbs whilst eating a crumbly cookie. - u/NutellaGood

11. The only human cats like

Cats love me. I've had cats come running out of side streets and houses just to say hello and get some scritches. Outdoor cats who have never interacted with me before let me pick them up, and if my partner wasn't allergic I would have adopted an army of strays who just followed me home by now. And it's actually not completely useless - I work as a cat sitter. - u/Einhorn_Apokalypse

12. Party hack 101

When I have to wrap multiple food items in aluminum foil, I have the super ability to pull my next sheet of foil and cut it to exactly to the same length and size as the last sheet, creating a stack of perfectly matching foil sheets. It amazes no one but me, and makes for a terrible party trick. - u/MikeT75

13. Blessing and a curse

I can find the slowest checkout line at the grocery store. - u/Positive-Source8205 

14. She is playing episodes

My daughter says she can choose what she is going to dream about every night. She describes it as having a few scenes to choose from and she picks one. She was amazed that nobody else in the family could do this. She thought it was normal. - u/TorchFlower


15. The elevator sniffer

The last place I worked I could tell who had already arrived at work before me that morning by the smell(s) in the elevator. There was only one elevator as it was a small building. Kinda gross, but I freaked out a coworker because I was always right. - u/Dinner-is-Ruined

16. Never caught by a teacher

I can hide gum and other small objects in my throat without swallowing it.  - u/AMosquitoBitMe


17. Husband of the year

I apparently have the uncanny ability of picking the correct size Tupperware dish for whatever has to go in it. Like there is no spillage or space left when you close the lid. Useless to me, the Wife loves it. - u/comfortablynumb15

18. Betty White approved

I can tell you exactly what episode of Golden Girls is coming on based on the first 10 seconds of the episode. - u/Nurse2ez


19. A literal business magnet

I have the uncanny ability to make stores fill up. It's true. I walk into a store and customers stream in. I have tested it dozens of times with my wife who didn't believe me at first. We have often joked about how I should hire myself out to stores to increase their business. - u/nicktam2010

20. Definitely not a useless superpower

 have accurately predicted two deaths and a birth hours before they happened. Not the craziest thing but just kind of weird. -u/Hamburrgergirl


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