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19 hilarious moments online that feature feminists using wit to combat sexism

Channeling frustration with everyday sexism into wit and sarcasm, here are some brilliant takes from the internet.

19 hilarious moments online that feature feminists using wit to combat sexism
Image Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on May 5, 2021. It has since been updated.

Sexism and misogyny have seeped into every nook and cranny of our daily existence. People who are not cis-straight men, in general, have been at the receiving end of an offhand comment or an ignorant remark almost every single day. There is only so much energy one can spare for expressing anger. It gets tiring. Channeling this frustration into wit and sarcasm has been one way of handling everyday sexism. Feminists have been using humor to make a point while also clapping back at the people who have bad takes on how other people should live their lives. Not to mention the free lessons they have to give ignorant people at their own expense.

Here are some funny retorts feminists have as they try to navigate a world where a critique on patriarchy will attract internet strangers, who definitely fit the description of the criticism, to yell "not all men" at them.

1.  "Give me a smile." 


2.  When setting boundaries is important

Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

3. When men think everything women do is for them


4.  There's no free ride on this doctor's labcoat-tails

Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

5.  When the song is groovy but the sentiment is just not right


6. They are probably not funny, just a terrible person


7. When autocorrect only recognizes male achievements

Source: Reddit/Expensive-Daikon-181

8. When they are the problem but don't even realize it

Source: Reddit/urawomanimamasheen

9.  When little girls are conditioned from an early age 

Source: Reddit/starm4nn

10. Some actions do have dire consequences

Source: Tumblr/darthouse

11. The only appropriate response

Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

12. When age is just a number 


13. When decent behavior doesn't come easy  


14. When men think everything women do is for them pt. 2

Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

15. New day, same insult


16. "Give us a smi-" 


17. Boys will be held accountable for their actions

Source: Reddit/apocalypticalley

18. When the mansplainers strike 

Source: Reddit/MistWeaver80

19. Turn that mansplaining into a joke


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