20 brilliant ways parents tricked their kids into eating greens and other healthy foods

20 brilliant ways parents tricked their kids into eating greens and other healthy foods

It's almost impossible to get kids to eat healthy and yet parents keep finding ingenious ways to trick them into eating their greens.

Getting kids to eat their food and primarily greens is a humongous task, as any parent will tell you. Kids love to do the very opposite of what you ask them to do. You pick up early on as a parent that you need to deceive your kid to get them to eat their food. It still isn't easy. Theoretically, reverse psychology should work like a charm but the reality is far from it. Kids catch on to your tactics pretty fast and adapt. They might not be able to string two words together but these devious little creatures can read you like a book. Parents are forced to resort to all kinds of tactics to get them to eat food and some of them are sharing their own, on Twitter, letting other parents onto secrets to take down these scheming bunch of babies.



Displeased boy refusing to eat cherry tomato while Mom is feeding him at dining table/Getty Images


It all started after Emily Adrian, the author of 'Everything Here Is Under Control and The Second Season took to Twitter and shared what worked on her 4-year-old son. Many parents lauded Adrian for her ingenuity and some shared their own tricks and tips to get their children to eat food. Here are some of the top tips parents shared.

1. Hopped right into it



2. Need leaves



3. White broccoli



4. It's magic



5. 'Xperinenting' with greens



6.  'Monster' ravioli




7. Let them fight for it



Small black girl being fed with a carrot by her father/Getty Images


8.  Broccoli trees and snowballs



Girl feeding mother while sitting with grandparents at table in restaurant - stock photo/Getty Images


9. Power rangers milk



10. 'They're dinosaur eggs' 



11.  Cat food for humans



12.  Dinosaurs loves their lettuce



13. Frozen peas pretending to be rocks 



Young Girl Refusing To Eat Vegetables - stock photo/Getty Images


14. The lure of meat yogurt



15. A meal fit for dinosaurs




16. Love them Mickey Mouse noses



17. I'll have a nice green leaf. Thank you.



18. Apple fries 



19.  If it's chicken.. I'll have it.



20.  Hermioninny loves scrambled eggs



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