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2-year-old's hilarious diner routine has gone viral and it is all things sugar and spice

What started as a kitchen make-believe turned into a viral online sensation.

2-year-old's hilarious diner routine has gone viral and it is all things sugar and spice
Cover Image Source: Good Morning America/Youtube

A 2-year-old is going viral for the most adorable reason. Willow created a series of short videos called Willow's diner, where she serves customers with a little bit of "Sass on the side." Everyone is going crazy over this adorable child and her sarcastic anecdotes while playing make-believe kitchen outside. Her mother, Sarah Dart, says that it began as a way to spend some time with her daughter. However, it quickly went viral on TikTok with people enjoying her sweet and sassy personality.

Sarah told Good Morning America, "I think just the way we talked to each other and we interact with each other really resonated with people." Sarah asks Willow for the cookie she's eating in one of these lovely videos, and she says strongly, "No. That's mine," before handing her mother broccoli instead. 



Sarah told Romper that "the play kitchen" has been a staple at their house as Willow has seen her elder siblings play with it since she was a newborn. "We actually almost got rid of it during a move over the summer because it wasn’t getting used to too much! I’m so glad we held onto it now since she suddenly took a liking to it the last few months," she added. 

Sarah did not expect Willow's videos to go viral, she told GMA that 15 of her videos have more than a million views each. Willow's favorite foods to serve changed a lot but she never forgets to serve her mother coffee. Sarah explained, "She looks around and picks different things every day. She usually offers me coffee though." Moreover, she loves waffles, apples, and cookies. 



Willow now has a cute pink diner outfit, which she wore in Dart's most recent video. Willow sends her mother an apple with a worm inside, and when she complains, Willow tells her, "Go sit, ma'am." She is absolutely confident and it is surprising considering the fact that she has never visited any real-life diners. Sarah explained, "We actually don’t go to restaurants ever! She is the youngest of four and our family is way too chaotic for restaurants. So she definitely doesn’t observe servers in the wild." 

Willow says that she wants to be a chef when she grows up but her mother believes it is too soon to decide. She is just focused on her playtime and spending time with her daughter. She said, "I think there is so much to learn by doing things like that and even just pretend cooking." She employs critical thinking and learns a lot while making these videos. 


Willow's elder siblings also like to watch her diner videos. Sarah said that they "love her videos" and are quite proud of her. "They keep saying their baby sister is famous. She’s very loved by them and they’re always laughing at the funny things she says, so they’re really stoked that I’m making these videos. Every day they ask if I’ve made a new one."

Willow is adorable and even has her own merchandise. Sarah has created charming stickers and magnets with some of Willow's most endearing catchphrases. You can purchase these cute stickers and watch her diner videos on TikTok. 

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