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2-year-old tells dad what makes him happy every day inspiring people to seek their own happy place

His unwavering happiness is a beacon of insight, contrasting the complexity of adult life with the purity of childhood.

2-year-old tells dad what makes him happy every day inspiring people to seek their own happy place
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @babysamanddad

As we navigate through life and take on all the confusing dilemmas it presents, we try to seek clarity and certainty. We might however be forgetting the simple questions that truly matter to which we used to have clear answers as kids. We might have complicated it but one two-year-old knows what matters to him in life. How? He simply knows what makes him happy.

Baby Sam doesn't shy away from telling his dad every day what gives him happiness. These memories are documented and uploaded by his dad on social media. His dad—who goes by @babysamanddad on TikTok—captures the adorable conversation between the duo in an adorable video.

Image Source: TikTok | @babysamanddad
Image Source: TikTok | @babysamanddad

Wearing his yellow Pikachu cap and blue Smurf t-shirt, the toddler, like in other videos, asks his dad in the beginning, "Do you know what makes me happy, Daddy?" after which his dad asks, "What makes you happy Sam?" Sam replies gently, "Helping with the garden."

"Would you like to help with the gardening?" the dad asks him to which he enthusiastically agrees. He goes on to help his dad with watering the plants, mowing the lawn and scraping the weeds. "I'm such a good gardening," he concludes sweetly at the end of the video. A lot of viewers found their happiness while they watched Sam express himself. "You know what makes me happy Sam? Watching your adorable videos," commented @kristinawhatley. "And you make me happy Sam." wrote @ia_.aesthetics. People also agreed that Sam is good at what he does. "Yes, you are a very good Gardener Sam," affirmed @nanastirt1.

Image Source: TikTok | @babysamanddad
Image Source: TikTok | @babysamanddad

Sam, resides in Scotland with his parents and new baby sister Alita, and also speaks Polish fluently. His everyday experiences include practicing words from Polish to English and vice versa. In one of the other videos from the happiness series that gained almost three million likes, Sam expressed what else makes him happy, "Doing some Polish lessons." As usual, his dad encourages him and they revise Polish terms for colors and animals, and Sam surely nails it!

People can't get enough of Sam adorably spreading happiness. "He's going to speak Polish with a little Scottish accent and that's going to be the cutest thing in the world!!!" commented @loulou8248.

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There is another toddler who did not hesitate to seek what makes him happy. Three-year-old Aiden strolled out alone to a fast food restaurant, with no one knowing where he went. This naturally resulted in his mother, Marissa Phiffer, who was sleeping at the time, nearly having a heart attack. Oh, and before heading out to his favorite restaurant, this big independent lad put his shoes on. She claims that as he put his small shoes on and walked away, she and everyone else were sleeping on the floor.

Image Source: TikTok | @mamarissax2
Image Source: TikTok | @mamarissax2

She looked everywhere; needless to say, she was shaken. She then filed a missing person's report. Much to his mother's relief, he was thankfully discovered in a McDonald's across the street from their Wisconsin home.

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