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17-year-old donates new clothes, essentials to 2,000 kids in foster care: 'It gives me joy'

Murray started his own organization 'Klothes 4 Kids' to buy new clothes, essentials for foster kids heading to new homes.

17-year-old donates new clothes, essentials to 2,000 kids in foster care: 'It gives me joy'
Image source: Facebook/Klothes4KidsLV

Teenager Nijel Murray is donating new clothes and essentials to local foster children, so they don't have to wear clothes handed down to them. The 17-year-old was shocked when a new foster brother arrived at his home in Las Vegas holding a trash bag of ill-fitting, old clothes. He learned that many foster children lived with hand-me-down clothes which didn't quite fit them in most cases. “I thought he must have felt worthless receiving clothes carelessly thrown into a garbage bag with no thought about him,” said Murray. He wanted to do something about it and with the help of his parents, bought new clothes, toiletries, books, toys, and blankets, and put them into duffel bags before handing them to a handful of foster children. "I felt like I could do something to change it," said Murray, reported PEOPLE. "I really felt sorry for him and the rest of the kids that have to go through that."



He has since started a non-profit charitable organization, Klothes 4 Kids, that aims to support children in foster care. Through the organization, he has helped donate new clothes and essentials to more than 2,000 local foster children. He started the organization at the age of 14. The clothes and essentials are handed to foster kids through social service agencies. Nijel Murray is aware of his privilege and wants to do all he can to help others. "It really does humble me to be more grateful for what I have," said Murray, who is a senior at Nevada State High School. "It gives me joy in providing for others. I love that I've been able to help so many people." 




Klothes 4 Kids raises money through donations which are then used to purchase items at local clothing stores. It's his mother and grandmother that shop for items, and they have them specifically tailored to a child they know will be arriving at a new foster home. Murray says it's not just about buying new clothes that fit them but rather providing essentials that he would "probably would want to wear." Along with his family, he tries to get clothes that the kids are going to like. "They're used to getting the hand-me-down clothes, the clothes that nobody wants anymore," said Murray, before adding that he gets them branded stuff that they would enjoy wearing.



He organized a clothing drive on his 15th birthday followed by a pop-up shop the following year. Kids could choose from a host of clothing and accessories, including $25,000 worth of Nike socks, shoes, and backpacks that were donated by the Andre Agassi Foundation. Murray said it was a fun event for the kids as well. "We just wanted to have a fun event where the kids could come and get clothes that they really enjoy."




Murray's organization is a godsend to many. "The Foster community is so lucky to have you guys!!! Sometimes a child comes into your home and you have no idea what their size will be because they come with absolutely nothing...well they hook you up to get you started so you don’t have to worry. Thank you so much for all that you do!" wrote Ashley Johnson on Facebook.



He wants to help more people and is planning to major in business, with a focus on digital marketing. Murray is heading to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the fall. His mother, Shon, is incredibly proud of him. "For him to see kids who don't have anything, it's kept him grounded and humble," said Shon. "And it's given him compassion and empathy as well. I think helping these kids is very selfless of him."



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