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17 Jewish and Roma women who resisted with all their might during the Holocaust

In a viral Twitter thread, user Zojacobi shared some of the most iconic figures of resistance from the Holocaust.

17 Jewish and Roma women who resisted with all their might during the Holocaust
Image Source: zojacobi / Twitter

Unfortunately, throughout most of history, women from marginalized backgrounds are more often than not forgotten. In an effort to remember the powerful Jewish and Roman women who resisted during the Holocaust, one Twitter user created a thread dedicated to the figures of dissent. Since it was first posted, Zojacobi's Twitter thread has gone viral, gaining more than 12,500 likes and 5,900 retweets on the social media platform. "We did not go like animals to the slaughter, meek or willing," the user affirmed. "We fought with every breath. Every moment that of resistance." Many fellow users expressed their gratitude for her work, as they had never been taught about these icons in school. Here are 17 of the icons they highlighted.


1. Niuta Teitelbaum


2. Elisabeth Guttenberger


3. Eta Wrobel


4. Hanna Dimitri


5. Gisella Perl


6. Lily van Angeren-Franz


7. Regina Jonas


8. Alfreda Markowska


9. Faye Schulman


10. Selma Engel-Wijnberg


11. Masha Bruskina


12. Frumka Plotnika


13. Judita Hruza


14. Zofia Czajkowska


15. Hannah Karminski


16. Franceska Mann


17. Rita Prigmore


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