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Boy hailed a hero for lifting truck to rescue his Dad trapped under the vehicle: 'He saved my life'

He was assisting his father doing repairs in the garage, when the man was trapped under a truck.

Boy hailed a hero for lifting truck to rescue his Dad trapped under the vehicle: 'He saved my life'
Image Source: KCRA/Youtube

Parents often go to extreme lengths to secure the safety and happiness of their children. However, this 15-year-old child stepped up when his father needed him the most and saved his life. The kid is being hailed a hero after he helped his father stuck under a truck. His quick-thinking helped rescue his Dad, reports Good News Network. The brakes on Matthew Wilkinson's work vehicle needed quick repair, and thankfully, his son had come out to the garage and volunteered to assist his father.

Wilkinson discovered that the rotor was jammed and that he required a greater angle for leverage, so he moved his body below the vehicle. However, it quickly turned into a life-threatening situation as the leverage popped off. He told KCRA, "The second it popped off, the truck fell. All I could think about was the breath coming out of me. I was just squished. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t yell."

Fortunately, his son, Dalin Wilkinson, was there and the high-school freshman quickly sprung into action. He told the outlet, "It just dropped right on him. I was scared. I heard him make a noise like his soul was leaving his body. It was crazy." He added, "I just ran over and tried as hard as I could to get it up enough to get him out." He was able to get this father out and Wilkinson was rushed to the hospital, unaware that his son had just saved his life.


He said, "All this time in the hospital, I’m trying to figure out how did I get out from under the truck." He suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs, and separated shoulders. Wilkinson recounted that there were surveillance cameras in the garage that must have recorded the whole thing. He explained, "I called my kid and had him look at them look at the surveillance camera and they realized that he had lifted the truck enough for me to roll out."

The father was extremely proud of his son at that moment and emotion that if Dalin wasn't been present there, he wouldn't have survived this horrifying accident. He said, "My son is my hero. He saved my life." Dali was worried that he would not be able to help his father. He said, “I was worried I did not help. That is all I was worried about. Now I’m glad he’s ok.”



The life-saving intervention of Dali is not an isolated incident. There have been instances where children have helped their parents in life-threatening situations. Wendy Cocker, a registered nurse, taught her son, Monty Cocker, how to dial 000, the equivalent of 911 in Australia. She thought it was critical for a 4-year-old to master the skill since she is prone to seizures. Wendy became unwell a day after teaching her kid to phone 000. But although she tried to call her husband and ask for aid, she began to experience full-body convulsions. Monty acted promptly, utilizing his newly acquired talent to call paramedics to assist his mother. 

He said during the call, "Mummy fell over," and answered questions about his age before adding, "My dog always woofs at people." The reassuring operator inquired about Monty's dog, to which Monty replied, "Yeah." The child is then promised by the operator that everything will be fine. Paramedics arrived in time to take Cocker to the hospital for further treatment. 

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