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Women share 15 weird things that they do with their partners

One shared that they use dolls to do what they want to do with each other.

Women share 15 weird things that they do with their partners
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Couples spend a lot of time together so it is normal for them to do some things differently. Women on Reddit shared the weirdest things they do with their partners, and some are actually quite strange. Here are 15 of them listed below: 

1. Love spending time together

"My husband and I have been together 18 years. Self-employed. We spend every day, all day, together. Do most of our activities together. We actually like each other and love spending most of, if not, all our time together. We've been that way since we started dating in high school for 20 years. People find it odd we are inseparable after all this time. Also, we are complete opposites personality-wise. I'm loud and quite out there. He's a very introverted, nerdy guy." - u/LadyTarako

2. Weird noises

"We make a lot of weird noises back and forth at each other. Usually when we are home alone. It's just like a 'touching base' thing to acknowledge the other's presence or check-in. But sometimes I forget we are in public and bust out a turkey gobble at the bar or in the middle of the grocery store." - u/EmilyamI

3. Separate blankets

"Use separate blankets at night. No more stealing covers from the other!" - u/lickmytpes13

4. Voodoo dolls

"I don't talk to many people about it, but I'm sure they'd think it's weird so.... On our first Valentine's day we got each other teddy bears and since we lived like two hours away from each other we had this joke that we could use the bears as voodoo dolls and do to it what we wanted to do to each other (never did anything, it was just a joke). We had to become long distance seven months into the relationship (it will end this summer). So when we were away from each other and couldn't give each other good night/get better kisses, we started giving kisses and hugs to the teddy bears. He tells me that he has a headache, I'll respond with 'I'll give the bear a kiss on the head' and he does the same." - u/KopyKet

5. Sleeping in the guest bedroom

"We have a guest bedroom. Sometimes we sleep in the guest bedroom instead of our bedroom. It’s like a little 'sleepover' feeling that’s sort of fun. We mentioned this one time at a friend gathering and everyone thought it was so bizarre. I thought it was weird they’ve never slept in their guest bedrooms!" - u/MsCardeno
Girl using a smart phone on the bed | Getty Images - Antonio Guillem
Girl using a smartphone on the bed | Getty Images - Antonio Guillem

6. Living within walking distance

"We live apart but within walking distance from each other. I think it's great and works really well for us, but people get so confused by the concept." - u/Milyaism

7. Sit and talk at Starbucks for hours

"We've been told on more than one occasion that it’s weird when we go to Starbucks and just chat for 2-3 hours. We do this probably monthly and people always go, 'you just sit there... and talk... for hours?' Sure do!"  - u/nattie_bee

8. Farting together

"Fart. The first morning together when he went to the bathroom and let one out I laughed so hard. Now it’s something we tease each other with cause it makes us laugh." - u/Wawnkatawnka

9. Separate bedrooms

"Adjacent bedrooms. We get a perfect night's sleep, we don't wake each other with opposing morning routines, we can get some space if we have an argument, we can go wild with our own aesthetics and mess, I get a firm mattress, he gets a mattress that as far as I'm concerned may as well be a pillow, I get complete silence and he falls asleep to podcasts without ear buds digging into his ears. We climb in with each other for a bosie and get the excitement of weekend sleepovers. Getting ready for date night is ace with space and a cute reveal at the end of the process. Don't knock it til you try it folks." - u/naturalpassion91

10. Funny nicknames

"We have an interesting progression of nicknames for each other . 'Baby' turned into 'beep beep' which turned into 'beep bop' and now that’s what we call each other sometimes." - u/ccastald14

11. Get hair done together

"We get our hair done together! His hair is brown and mine is blonde, mine is lightened a bit but his is bleached. We play Call of Duty together every night too. I go into our bedroom, he stays in the living room and we play online."  - cuddlebugmommy
Male client showing thumb up - Getty Images | Bojan89
Male client showing thumb up - Getty Images | Bojan89


12. Picking blackheads

"I like picking these teeny tiny blackheads off of his nose. I am sorry but I find it oddly satisfying." - u/Secret_Beach1826

13. Discuss the eventual breakup

"Talk about our life when we eventually break up. I want to join the Air Force and he wants to stay in Austin, and I would never want him to change his dreams and move with me. A lot of people say 'if you know you're going to break up why are you still together?' And the answer is because we love and enjoy our time together." - u/CreaterInMyChest

14. Talk in their dog's voice

"We’ve developed a voice for our dog (she’s a little border collie but the voice is deep with a lisp) and we often talk to each other as our dog. We’ve done it for years... now we have a 3 year old who also talks in the voice." - u/river_of_coffee

15. Get pedicures together

"Get pedicures together! It took him a while to convince him that he'd enjoy it and that it's not 'weird' or 'unmanly' but after the initial visit, he enjoys getting them now." - u/MsNewKicks

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