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15 times everyday folks went above and beyond for others for no particular reason

These simple acts of kindness will hopefully inspire you to leave the world a better place than you found it.

15 times everyday folks went above and beyond for others for no particular reason
Image Source: qu1etmast3rmind / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

At a time when it seems like our communities are divided in irreparable ways, there are still some good samaritans who want to leave the world a little better than they found it. These folks have gone above and beyond to make someone's life just a bit easier or bring a smile to a stranger's face. It just goes to show that a small act of kindness can go a long way, especially when someone is going through a difficult time or trying to overcome a personal challenge. Hopefully, these tiny but meaningful displays of humanitarianism inspire you to go out into the world and make it a better place in your own way.

1. I'll keep you my dirty little secret; who has to know?

Image Source: HumansBeingBros / Reddit

2. It takes a village

Image Source: MSotallyTober / BumansBeingBros / Reddit

3. Dr. Bro; a "broctor," if you will 

Image Source: DRAWKWARD79 / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

4. A living wage should not be the exception

Image Source: Drops-Of-Q / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

5. Baby's first payslip

Image Source: hagoodluckguessing / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

6. A landlord who's doing it right

Image Source: eucalypocalypse / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

7. Everybody loves Calli

Image Source: bigmouthstrikesaga1n / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

8. Chosen families

Image Source: snooppii / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

9. Driven by justice

Image Source: ThatDarkPathsMyDrive / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

10. A slice for all

Image Source: letmegetinmyzone / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

11. You Toucan be a hero

Image Source: Brilliant_East / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

12. The grass is greener where it's watered

Image Source: HERMANNATOR85 / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

13. Teachers are amazing

Image Source: SuperPenguin307 / HumansBeingBros / Reddit


14. Seriously, teachers are amazing

Image Source: drizzyjaay / HumansBeingBros / Reddit


15. Small but mighty acts of kindness

Image Source: qu1etmast3rmind / HumansBeingBros / Reddit

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