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15 people are sharing some harmless yet shocking secrets they have kept to themselves for years

Someone wrote letters while someone replaced a stuff toy and they did this all just to see a smile on a loved one's face.

15 people are sharing some harmless yet shocking secrets they have kept to themselves for years
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Secrets have been around for several centuries. Right from stealing the last piece of cake to the theory of Santa and the tooth fairy, most of our lives revolve around these harmless secrets. A lot of what we do in life involves these kinds of harmless secrets. You know, those quiet talks people have, and those things we're not quite sure about that stick around, they actually help make the special and unchanging parts of our lives. Even secrets that are easygoing and bring a smile can end up being really meaningful memories that we treasure.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Felicity Tai
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Felicity Tai

The AskReddit forum was filled with a few harmless secrets that are quite humorous and worth treasuring. People share some secrets that they have carried or come across throughout their lives and it proves how they might also help us to connect better with other people.

1. Cheesy Affair

"My mum is a health nut (with probably disordered eating) who wouldn’t let us have cheese in the house when I was kid. When I was mid 20s, I bought a unit and my dad was helping me fix stuff up so I provided lunch. I said to him - bet you’re going to hate going back to work next week and not have any cheese on your sandwiches. It was then he told me his deepest secret, he had been buying blocks of cheese at work for years. I had no idea he was crafty. And my mum still doesn’t. Poor dad has been retired for years though so not sure on the current cheese consumption status." -u/rumblemumbles 

2. Just Sibling Duties

"I convinced my sister I had entered us both in a blog giveaway, I won a coupon but she won the grand prize , a $300 gift card to Lane Bryant. My sister was a size 16, and desperately needed new clothes but would spend money on her baby grandkids and thin adult daughters. This was the only way I could make sure she spent it on herself. It’s been 10 years. She’s doesn’t know." -u/Remarkable_Story9843

3. Pulling some strings

"In 1998 I had a friend who was stuck in a very toxic situation at her home. She had an opportunity for a new start across country in Oregon. She had a Dodge Neon that was hanging on for dear life and decided to pass on the opportunity for fear the car wouldn’t make the trip. I told her I had a friend that was a mechanic that owed me a favor and he would give the car a tune up for free. I didn’t really have a friend that was a mechanic. We were both 18 with not much money but I used all of my savings to pay to have her car made road worthy for the trip. She’s a mother of 4 now with a great job and thriving in Oregon." -u/04Z51Vette

4. Liar Liar

"My dad had a portable radio with wires attached to velcro, which he told us was a lie-detector. He would tune to static and raise and lower the volume when one of us was lying. He eventually got a confession out of the one he already suspected." -u/killybilly54

5. Bad Dog

"When my brother was 4 he won a stuffed animal from a claw machine and it was his favourite thing ever, slept with it every night for weeks he fell asleep on the couch and was carried to bed but left his stuffed animal on the floor and the dog decided to tear it to pieces during the night. I spent $40 trying to win another one and put it under his bed for him to find." -u/minimegs2023

6. Spice it Up!

"I can't remember why, but I was mad at my Dad for something. As revenge I added extra chili powder and hot sauce to our family chili. Turns out my family never really added enough seasoning to the chili as it was, and the food actually tasted a lot better as a result of my revenge tactic. I've overcorrected as an adult on seasoning food at times, but I do make a mean chili."-u/tacobelmont

7. Golden Adventures

"My wife lost one of her favorite pair of gold earrings her parents gave her. She could not find the other after weeks of trying. It had sentimental value as it was a 16th bday gift, so I knew she’d never want another set. So I took the one she had around our big city to jewelers and shops until I found a matching one. Eventually found one, bought the pair. Dirtied it up at home and let her “find it” in her sock drawer. Still have the other hidden in my desk in case she loses the other." -u/Plastic_Cranberry711

8. Loud and Clear

"Several years ago I was in a new relationship. In my grogginess in the morning while still in bed, I forgot my boyfriend had slept over the night before and I just let one rip super loud. Instantly, he is awake. The bed creaks and I remember he is there and am somewhat mortified until he nearly immediately tells my dog, also in the bed, that he will take him outside to poo as I pretend to still be asleep. He takes him outside and later when I am awake, he tells me about my dogs crazy fart. I let my pup take the fall."-u/dandylionhearts

9. Wonderful Tidings

"Every Christmas I would write a fake “Christmas newsletter” (like those letters some people send every year with updates about their life, family, etc) and send it to my parents. I made up this guy who was a huge blowhard, but believable enough that my dad thought maybe he had worked with him at some point in the past. I had a spreadsheet to keep track of his job, wife, children, grandchildren, holidays, etc. so that I could stay accurate from year to year. My parents would get so annoyed at his arrogant writing style but I was really proud of it lol!"-u/Poop_OnMy_Kicks

10. Nanny Cool

"As a previous nanny, I've seen many first steps and heard many first words, but I never share that. When I leave I say something like, I think little one is soooo close to walking/talking! It's a special moment parents deserve, who am I to take that from them? One baby was walking with me for a full 2 weeks before he showed his new trick to his parents."-u/griddles96

11. Oh Dear

"I once told a girl I was dating I loved the dish she cooked for me. In reality, it was terrible. 25 years later, my wife is still cooking it at least once a month because it's my "favorite." I've never been able to tell her, but now I've let my 8 year old daughter in on it. She'll prance up to my wife and say "Let's cook Daddy's favorite tonight!" Then she turns around and looks me dead in the eye with a shit-eating grin on her face."-u/Rescuepoet

12. Frisbee Flames

"I was seven and we were moving from one farm to a bigger one. Mom was taking garbage out to the burn barrel and burning it. In the rural eighties we just burned everything. I started looking at the fire when she went back inside and discovered a burning ice cream lid. I picked it up and threw it like a frisbee and it did a nice arc and landed right at a large stack of hay that was quite a ways away. I was horrified and went running in and told mom some paper had floated up and onto the hay. Other than the huge stack of hay burning down there was no harm done. It was old hay anyway that's why it wasn't stored in the barn."-u/SixFootSnipe

13. Just a scratch 

"In 2009 my best friend was struggling to pay rent when his TV broke. So I went and bought him an at the time 42 inch HDTV for over $1,000. I knew he would never accept me spending that much as a gift. So I took it out of the box and put a few small scratches on the back of it and told him I bought a new TV and that he could have my old one that I didn't use anymore. Well, he's doing way better now financially, but he has no idea I did that and I will never tell him."-u/Samisoy001

14. Dear Dad

"Dad, I lied that day in kindergarten when I said I had a tummy ache and needed to go home. I was totally fine, I was just super bored and wanted to spend time with you." -u/Okay_Whatever-Buddy

15. Christmas Miracle

"Every December 23rd I leave an envelope with a few hundred dollars on the windshield of the most beat up car I can find in the Walmart parking lot and drive away. Never told a soul until right now."-u/DogsandKindness


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