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15 hilarious tweets that'll resonate with those who share a bed with someone who snores

These relatable tweets will make you relive those long sleepless nights once again.

15 hilarious tweets that'll resonate with those who share a bed with someone who snores
Cover Image Source: Twitter / Simon Holland

Sleeping is one activity that everyone enjoys doing. It's the only time when you can sink into your bed and sleep on all your problems for a good 7-8 hours. However, it can be hard to get a good night's sleep when you share your bed with a partner, who is a loud snorer. In some cases, it doesn't have to be your S.O. It can be a family member, like your dad, whose snores can be heard from three blocks away. The struggle is real. Not only can you not sleep, but even the covers are being snatched away from you in the middle of the night, or, even worse, you're facing that person and now you have to hear their breathing for the next eight hours.

Therefore, we bring you some of the most relatable tweets that will make you relive those sleepless nights once again and potentially ruin your day. These funny tweets may not help with insomnia, but they will surely give you a good laugh at night when you are staring at the ceiling and thinking about what's inside Area 51.

1. I have to do it again



2. Record it next time



3. Breathe somewhere else



4. Smile through the pain



5. Ladies' first



6. Honey, it's just a dream



7. Wife of the year



8. Stages of snorification


9. I'm wide awake



10. Just a little more



11. So sleepy that you can cry



12. Yes, your  Honour



13. The most exciting sleep ever



14. Couldn't be better



15. Be gone, snore


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