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That absolutely don’t make sense in an L.A. apartment that costs $2520 a month

Two college students who signed a lease at the last minute are going viral on TikTok for highlighting some of the things in their apartment that should have made it too unsafe to lease out.

That absolutely don’t make sense in an L.A. apartment that costs $2520 a month
Image Source: emma_fidler / TikTok

Over the past few weeks, one particular trend has gone viral on TikTok. Recording clips of their families and households, users display things that "just make sense" within their homes. The trend is a humorous way to point out some of the stereotypes you may come across in certain households. Turning the trend on its head, two college students in Los Angeles attempted to show 14 things that somehow "make sense" in their rented apartment in the city. Together, the two students pay $2520 in rent a month, hence why the details they displayed absolutely did not make sense.

Among other things, TikTok user Emma_fidler and her housemate pointed out that their kitchen was so tiny that they did not even have enough space for a trash can. In addition to this, none of the cupboard or fridge doors could be opened simultaneously as there was simply not enough room for more than one door to be open at a time. Dangerously, the apartment's smoke alarm was unattached from the ceiling and hanging by a single electrical wire, rendering it completely useless. This was a notable hazard and could have led to some potentially hazardous situations if left unaddressed.

Image Source: emma_fiddler / TikTok

The bathroom was equally bad: there was a cutout on the door to allow enough space for the door to open and shut so the toilet could fit inside the bathroom. The showerhead looked like it was placed to accommodate only a child and was, much like the smoke alarm, hanging out of the wall. The students did luck out with a bathtub--whose faucet was always leaking, leaving a terrible stain on the tub. In the bedroom, there were no light fixtures at all. And, in the living room, there was a sliding door that led to the motel next door. There was also a little "peephole" allowing folks outside a clear line of sight into the house. The garbage cherry on top of the garbage cake, nonetheless, was the 24/7 police raids that took place outside the apartment.

Image Source: emma_fiddler / TikTok

According to the TikToker, the two girls had other plans for accommodation but their agreement fell through when they arrived in the city. Of course, all the other apartments located near the students' college had already been leased out. Therefore, they had to figure out a last-minute arrangement, which is why they were left with a "quick-fix" solution. The two girls signed the lease agreement on the apartment featured in the flat without touring it first, leaving them in quite the pickle. Thankfully, the landlord finally admitted that the house needed to be renovated. So, while the apartment was undergoing renovation, the two girls were allowed to stay at a bougie hotel on the landlord's dime.

Fellow TikTok users expressed their deep concerns for the two girls in the comments section of the video, which has accumulated over 12 million views since it was first uploaded. One person wrote, "GIRLS. You can get a much better apartment in a better spot in LA for that price." Another user agreed, adding, "Girl, I live in LA too. You guys can do better even on the West Side." One user, however, said it bed: "I think it's time to move, ladies." You can watch the viral TikTok here.

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