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12-yr-old blind soccer fan can't contain joy as he follows the game with the help of his father's hands

Sebastian Filoramo adapted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Panini card album to Braille.

12-yr-old blind soccer fan can't contain joy as he follows the game with the help of his father's hands
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMovement

Sebastian Filoramo, 12, is a Venezuelan soccer fan who is blind. He has been collecting World Cup soccer stickers for the past few months. He has found a way to be involved in the stickers by adding Braille to them. With the help of his parents and school teachers, he has been buying and labeling the stickers with a Braille machine. "My dad is a genius, he thinks of everything," Filoramo told Reuters. "He told me: 'Do you want to fill the album? Then let's get it adapted.'"



He is also a big fan of Messi and one of his cherished memories is finding Messi's picture in a pack of stickers. Filoramo lost his sight when he was a baby. But that did not stop his family from making sure that he gets to enjoy his favorite sport, soccer. In a heartwarming video posted on Twitter, he can be seen wearing an Argentina football team jersey and enjoying a live football match with the help of his dad. 



There is a playground made on his table and his father holds his hand to tell him where the team players are moving on the ground and that's when Argentina's player Lionel Messi scores a goal. The boy could not hold his happiness and can be seen throwing his cap and rejoicing with his father. It ends with him shouting, "Thank you, Messi for gifting me such special moments."



The football match is the one that recently took place between Mexico and Argentina. 63 minutes into the match, Argentina's captain Messi went for the goal. It was a much-needed goal for the team to win the match and move up the table in Group C for the Fifa World Cup 2022. 

Filoramo wanted to collect about 600 stickers before the Fifa World Cup began on November 20, 2022. His teacher Yohelis Nelo who helped him label the cards said, "Sebastian always comes up with brilliant ideas. I agreed to help him, but I told him we had to finish the homework first," she joked.



However, talking about amazing dads, in a similar video, a father Omar Chavez could be seen teaching his blind and autistic son Spenny how to shift gears. In the one-minute video, the father instructs him to switch gears, he does it and responds, "Over and down." The father is filled with laughter seeing his son do it, Spenny also enjoys it. He says, "I love you, kiddo", Spenny responds, "I love you too!" Describing the video on Youtube, he wrote, "My kiddo loves going for rides in our Subaru WRX STI and I figured I would show him how to shift gears. As you can see we both had a blast!" This was not the first time that the father-son duo was riding the car.  "My son who is blind and autistic, LOVES when I pick him up in the STI. He even knows that it's a turbocharged engine and what the blow-off valve does," Chavez writes in the description. "I like going fast, "Spenny says in the video. When asked why the STI takes off fast, the young boy replies, "Because it goes vroom vroom."

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