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12-year-old gamer boldly calls out fellow gamers' homophobia while playing online

The teen also explained to his friends that the acronym LGBT 'isn't only gay' and that not all trans people are gay.

12-year-old gamer boldly calls out fellow gamers' homophobia while playing online
Cover Image Source: TikTok/bummblebeeduo__

A 12-year-old gamer proved it's never too early to call a spade a spade when he boldly called out a fellow gamer's homophobia. In a video posted by his sibling under their TikTok account @bummblebeeduo__, the teen is heard trying to reason with someone about their homophobia while playing the popular game, "Call of Duty: Warzone." "So you just blatantly admit to being homophobic?" the boy says into his headset. "You realize that means I automatically don't like you because that's really fucked up." He then checks to see if his friends are joking, before telling them his sister, @bumblebee__ is a lesbian.


"I'm glad he's starting to learn from my civil rights rants," @bumblebee__ captioned the video. In a follow-up video, which has been viewed over 793k times on TikTok alone, they shared more of the inspiring conversation between their brother and his friends. "She's gay and you blatantly said you don't support gay people," he is heard telling the others. The teen then goes on to explain to his friends that the acronym LGBT "isn't only gay" and that not all trans people are gay.


"If you're trans, that doesn't mean you're still gay! So you're saying, if you're trans, you're basically still a guy? No! Maybe they don't want to be a woman or a male," he tells the other gamers. "It's their decision, what's the matter with that?" At this point, it seems like whoever is on the other line gets tired of discussing the subject and says something about not caring, because the boy replies: "I genuinely do care, and I want to have this argument. That's fu**ed up." He then point-blank asks the others whether they'd stop being friends with someone because they're gay.


In an interview with the Daily Dot, @bumblebeeduo__ said they felt really proud of their little brother when they overheard him defending LGBTQ people to his fellow gamers. They revealed that they often talk to the youngster about LGBTQ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement and that "it was really nice knowing that he listens." Unfortunately, the teen boy said the conversation with his friends didn't end well and that they were "both pissed off." The viral videos of the conversation have also been shared on Twitter where many praised the boy for standing up for his sister and other LGBTQ+ folks.




"Let's not forget this kid is in the peak years of pressure to conform to your friend group, of being made fun of in school or dropped by friends for being different. This boy is braver than most adults," tweeted @LoriPet51018179. "This is amazing. He's debating his educated argument while also playing the game. The absolute POWER he has," commented @AcousticAri. "As a bisexual adult who had to listen to her 12-year-old brother and his friends shouting gay slurs at each other while playing games like this for years [not going to lie] I cried a tiny tad watching this," tweeted @bl000000p.


@bumblebee__ admitted that they'd never expected to see such an incredible response to their video. "I was used to like getting maybe like 40 views max," they said. "And then my phone just went off. It just kept going." Speaking of talking with their brother about LGBTQ people and identities, they said: "It's not that difficult to explain these things to kids. A lot of younger kids, after you explain these things to them, are way more polite and will follow pronouns more than older adults."

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