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11-month-old's hilarious mishap at church turns baptism into a memorable moment: 'Not today Jesus'

The family's initial shock and embarrassment were palpable as the surprising events unfolded at the baptism.

11-month-old's hilarious mishap at church turns baptism into a memorable moment: 'Not today Jesus'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy

Baptism is a sacred ritual that holds significant importance in the life of a Catholic individual. However, for Candace Williams, a mother of two, the baptism experience took an unexpected turn when she brought her son Sullivan to the church for the ceremony. The momentous occasion didn't unfold quite as seamlessly as they had anticipated. In a surprising twist, Sullivan, the 11-month-old baby boy, managed to unintentionally transform his baptism into a truly memorable mishap, triggering a wave of laughter across the internet.

Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy
Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy

According to TODAY, the viral TikTok video, filmed and edited by Williams' sister Natalie Walczyk and shared on @nattyiceicebabyy, gained over 4.5 million views. The funny little clip shows a catholic priest reading from a book of sacraments as Sullivan is surrounded by his family. However, all of a sudden, the baby swats the holy text out of the priest's hand and the scriptures end up landing in the baptismal fountain.

Sullivan's family was immediately overtaken by shock and embarrassment at the events that transpired. The baptism ritual was taking place at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Lancaster, New York. Though the priest appeared a bit annoyed at Sullivan's mischief, Williams revealed in an interview to the outlet, the ritual was carried out successfully in the end. "He was a champ. He picked the book right back up and kept going," the 35-year-old mom said. "He was turning the pages and they were soaking wet. Later, my husband was like, 'Every time I looked at the pages dripping, I started laughing.'"

Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy
Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy

"My brother was roaring with laughter," she added. "My mother-in-law was in the front row and she tried to keep it together, but she couldn't do it. Sullivan was being really playful — he was yelling and babbling. When we actually baptized him, and we had to put his head over the font, he was looking at everyone and smiling. He knows when he's being funny." Sullivan did not fail to provide the guests at the church with some necessary entertainment throughout the ceremony, which lasted roughly 20 minutes. Williams also noted that little Sullivan is "one happy camper" and he is "an easygoing baby."

Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy
Image Source: TikTok | @nattyiceicebabyy

The mom did apologize to the priest profusely and the priest said that "it was okay," as reported by the outlet. "It was his first baptism at that church and I'm pretty sure he'll never forget it!" Williams concluded. People crowded the comment section of this video, looking forward to an update on this baptism disaster and many others left equally hilarious remarks. @tori_powell14 wrote: "The way the priest looks at the baby at the end." @thejokerxx23 commented: "She was like, not today Jesus!" @callmebriarrose added: "Baby is setting boundaries early in life and I'm here for it." @xolunanoke, who claims to be a part of Sullivan's family, expressed her surprise and wrote: "Never in a million years would I expect to see my family in a viral TikTok."

@tasmandog commented on the baby's actions and humored: "Priest upgrades Baptism to an exorcism." Many fellow TikTok users joked about how the baby smacked the book out of the priest's hand because it did not have "any pictures in it." Some others wondered if the holy scriptures get even "more holy" because they got dipped in the sacred waters of the church. Nonetheless, this baptism ceremony is something that Sullivan's family won't ever forget for all the funny reasons.

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