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105-year-old man is excited to witness the 13th eclipse of his life: 'That's my pride'

He has been chasing eclipses all his life, going far and wide to get a glimpse and this year would mark his 13th time.

105-year-old man is excited to witness the 13th eclipse of his life: 'That's my pride'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | CBS Texas

The upcoming eclipse has sparked widespread excitement, with many eagerly anticipating the experience of witnessing this celestial event for the first time. However, that’s not the case for 105-year-old Laverne Biser. Having pursued 12 eclipses with unwavering dedication, this man eagerly anticipates his 13th encounter, scheduled for April 8, as reported by CBS Texas. In 1963, Biser headed out to Maine to capture a glimpse of his very first eclipse experience. Ever since then, he has been chasing as many as he could. Having excitement and knowledge about the event, Biser is beyond delighted.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Drew Rae
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Drew Rae

Austin American-Statesman revealed further about his very first experience. At 45, Biser was prepared to experience his first eclipse from the comfort of his family's station wagon. He made quite a few efforts which included a movie camera plugged into his station wagon’s battery. He and his family journeyed to Maine in pursuit of the eclipse. "I guess I am an eclipse chaser. It’s a beautiful thing to see,” he proudly said. Dallas Morning News added that Biser did some preparations for his 12 eclipses. While he travels for each of them, he also has various equipment to help him get a gaze most effectively.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Melissa Mayers
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Melissa Mayers

His various equipment includes handmade telescopes that are over sixty years old. Along with all of these efforts, Biser’s family has also encouraged and appreciated his quest to watch the eclipses. He revealed that he used to snap pictures of the eclipse as best as he could. "That's my pride and joy because it's hard to take. You had to put your camera up to a black sky…you hope you're going to point it in the right direction,” Biser recalled. The 105-year-old also revealed that he has favorites among the 12 eclipses he has witnessed. One of them is the eclipse of 1979 in South Dakota. For many, it's a mere celestial event; for Biser, each eclipse presents a cherished opportunity to learn and marvel. "We've traveled all over the world to see them. You see one, you want to see them all. They are so pretty,” he remarked.

Approaching his 13th and most anticipated eclipse, Biser shares why this one holds a special place for him. The 13th eclipse will be an event that hits close to home for Biser because he can excitedly explore the same from his very own backyard. While Biser eagerly looks forward to the same, he also suggests that others join in and get a glimpse of the event. Undoubtedly, one understands the need to wear glasses or cover one’s eyes to avoid damaging them. However, after seeing 12 of them, Biser knows his way around and suggests a foolproof way for others to experience it too. "With glasses, watch the whole thing, but take them off when it goes total. Look how pretty it is. You'll say, 'Oh… I want to see more of these,'" he exclaimed.


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