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100-year-old woman was arrested on her birthday to cross it off her bucket list

The police put handcuffs on her and escorted out of her nursing home in a mock arrest.

100-year-old woman was arrested on her birthday to cross it off her bucket list
Image Source: Victoria Police/Facebook

People have different kinds of wishes that they want to fulfill during their lifetimes. Some may want to meet celebrities or travel to some exotic location, but this centenarian had an odd wish for her 100th birthday. On Jean Bicketon's bucket list was a wish to get arrested. Australian Police in Victoria arrested the former nurse only to make the woman happy and fulfill her wishes.

As per her wishes, the woman was celebrating her 100th birthday party when the police interrupted and detained her. It was her lifelong wish to be arrested and the authorities decided to give her the ultimate birthday gift. Bicketon who worked in the army for decades, told Daily Mail, "I've never been arrested in my life. I said to them I've never been drunk and I've never been arrested, never lost my driving license and never had an infringement." She wanted to be arrested so the Victorian Police put handcuffs on her in a mock arrest and detained her from the Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care. 




She recalled, "I was surprised they were quite soft. They were too big for me anyway." 

The law-abiding citizen wanted to add a little spice to her birthday party. So, when the police heard of her wishes they were eager to make them come true. When police arrived at the nursing home, they informed the other residents of the birthday plan. They didn't want to scare the residents that somebody was in trouble. 

They posted on Facebook describing the mock arrest, "Now these kinda arrests, we’re happy to make. For many, getting through life without being arrested is a pretty good run. An obvious one we would like to think." They added, "So, when we heard of Jean’s wishes, our team at Moe station were ready to step in and help check it off. While celebrating her milestone at Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care, three young constables whirled in, lights and sirens, to make sure Jean’s birthday wishes were met."



They further wrote that the officers placed handcuffs on Bicketon and officially announced that she was arrested. They joked, "With little restraint, Jean willingly obliged." They concluded by writing, "According to Jean it was one of the best celebrations, and we’re glad we could help grant the experience. Wishing Jean a wonderful 100th birthday! Thanks to everyone that made this possible."

Bicketon said it was one of her favorite birthdays to date and thanked the cops for brightening her day.



The Facebook post by Victoria Police was flooded with comments of appreciation. One user wrote, "What a beautiful story, congratulations Jean on your 100th birthday, and thank you Vic. Police for making her day, one she will always remember." 

Another user said, "That is so lovely of you guys to do that. Good on you! Vic Police are the best and thank you for keeping us safe." A third person commented, "Love this and love the comments. Your never too old to have fun and great job on Victoria Police for helping her have a great day."

A similar incident occurred in May this year when a 19-year-old woman named Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas was arrested after trying to run away from Police. She later revealed that getting arrested was just on her bucket list, per New York Post. She was ultimately arrested for fleeing and eluding the police.

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