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10-year-old girl saves 28 cents every day for three years to get a memorable gift for her granddad

The little girl's thoughtful gesture for her grandfather wins over the internet and people are in awe of her.

10-year-old girl saves 28 cents every day for three years to get a memorable gift for her granddad
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Alena Darmel

Grandparents are one of the most precious creations god has made and put on earth. They are the ones who are always ready with a warm embrace every time their grandkids run into problems. A girl in China honored this relationship beautifully by buying her grandfather a gift of a lifetime, per the South China Morning Post. For the gift, the young girl diligently saved for three years. After coming to a point where she felt that she had collected enough, she went with her mother to a jewelry store. After getting help from a shop assistant and her mother, she zeroed in on a black piece and quickly took it to her beloved grandfather

Representative Image Source: Pexels | sklei
Representative Image Source: Pexels | sklei

The 10-year-old girl is a resident of Zhejiang province in eastern China. She loves her grandparents dearly and to get them a gift, she saved 2 yuan (28 US cents) every day for 3 years. After rigorous saving, she collected 2,000 yuan ($280) in her piggy bank. She requested her mother to accompany her to a jewelry shop as she set on buying a gold bracelet. They went to a local outlet where they were shown many options. The girl was in awe, seeing so many pieces around her in the shop. "I only have 2,000 yuan, what can I buy for my grandfather?" The girl asked the saleswoman. A woman who showed her various options helped her. "Which one do you prefer?" the assistant asked. 

The girl wanted to make this decision carefully as it was a gift she had been planning for a long time. After some careful consideration, she decided to buy the black option. The saleswoman arranged it in a box while the girl took her money from the piggy bank. Over the years, she had collected both banknotes as well as coins and took them all out in the shop. There was a certain excitement within her about making this purchase. "This is all my savings," she said.

The woman packed her chosen item and the girl rushed to her grandfather to give him the gift. Her grandparents were sitting on the doorsteps of their house when she reached there. The girl immediately pulled out the bracelet from the box. "I bought this with my pocket money," she told her grandfather proudly. The surprise three years in the making was finally in the hands of the grandfather and his happiness knew no bounds. He gave a broad smile to his sweet granddaughter.

@hollybrooke92 This is wild! Mine say from Nana who passed in 2015. The rugrats wrapping paper makes me think these are way before then even. #grandparents #crazy ♬ Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - Mariah Carey


The love grandparents provide to their children truly knows no bounds. In a similar incident, Holly Brooke revealed in a video how her grandfather tucked away old gifts for his son and grandkids, in a storage space. The fact that she found these gifts after his passing away made the whole thing more emotional for her. It felt that even after passing away, he was hugging her to ensure she didn't miss him too much during Christmas. The gifts for their son as per a follow-up video, included a flashlight, massage chair and covers. In the caption, Brooke noted how the gifts meant a lot to her father, "I know he loved having one last Christmas with his parents in a way. My sister and I are looking forward to opening ours!" Another video had Brooke unwrapping her own gift, which was a light pink fleece robe.

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