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10-year-old decided to sell his toys to raise money for his uncle's funeral: 'He was my best buddy'

They shared a close bond and enjoyed activities like playing basketball and doing everything together.

10-year-old decided to sell his toys to raise money for his uncle's funeral: 'He was my best buddy'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 5NEWS

A 10-year-old boy from Oklahoma showed incredible determination to honor his beloved uncle's memory in a heartfelt farewell. Daniel Crase and his uncle Brian were really close. The two did everything together including playing basketball and shared a close bond. When Brian unexpectedly died from a heart attack Daniel wanted to make sure his 'best buddy' got the best funeral.

"They were basketball players, they were game players, they were everything," Daniel's grandmother Brenda Crase told 5 News. "He said 'Nana! I want to raise money for my uncle Brian' and I said 'Baby I don't know how to do that' and he said 'I do.'"


Daniel decided to host a yard sale and sell his toys to raise money for the funeral. He set it all up in front of his grandmother’s home in Muldrow, Oklahoma. Surely he would miss his beloved toys but what he cared about more than that was to be there for his uncle and give him the send-off that he deserved. Despite standing out in the heat to sell his toys and being hopeful, he wasn't successful.

"It didn’t work, so he said, ‘Take me to the Quick Way because I’m going to raise money for my Uncle Brian because that’s what I need to do Nana,’” Brenda shared. He stood outside the gas station with a photo of his uncle and tried to sell his toys for three days. He had raised $700 of his $5,000 goal by the time the news outlet reported on his story.

No matter how much he made his grandmother was just proud of who has become having raised him since he was brought home from the hospital. “It made my heart feel good because I know that I raised my baby the right way,” she beamed.

Once the news broke out more and more people came together to help Daniel's cause. Some local community members pitched in along with people around the country who stepped in to help. One person even donated a headstone. A week later Daniel and his family had enough money to set up a funeral for their beloved uncle. Brian Crase was laid to rest on Friday, September 6, 2019.

The family said it was a difficult day but they are grateful for the chance to celebrate the life of their loved one. The family was also amazed at how many people came in to support them. “It’s unexplainable. I can’t explain, how I feel. Because it’s a miracle,” Brenda said in a follow-up story. “I want to thank and praise everyone from the bottom of my heart,” added Daniel.


Kids often do the sweetest things for the people they care about. Another young boy, Everett Carrol ended up selling slime, something he liked doing as a pastime so that he could get enough money to go on vacation with his mom Tiffany Myers who has stage 4 cancer. Carrol calls the slime "Cotton Candy Sugar Rush" according to KDRV.


He was trying to make enough money to raise the funds for a trip to Washington D.C. with his mom. He started by selling jars to the community for $7 and within a few days he was able to sell 50 jars. "Slime is the only thing that I really know like how to make," Carrol said. "And I really wanted to go on a vacation with my mom, so we have been saving up for that." "It just makes me so happy," his mother who has been struggling with stage four sarcoma for nearly eight years shared.

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