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10-year-old boy unwraps a wholesome gift from the nation just in time for Christmas

Harry was afraid he would not be able to enjoy unwrapping gifts on Christmas due to his indifference. However, his luck turned in the nick of time.

10-year-old boy unwraps a wholesome gift from the nation just in time for Christmas
Cover Image Source: Open Bionics

Christmas is a time of hope and a time to spread smiles. The season is meant to bring joy through the littlest or the greatest acts that mean the world to someone. Open Bionics, a medical device company, did just that by creating one of its heroic inventions so far. The company shared a press release with the wonderful news that a 10-year-old boy will be able to experience Christmas just like everyone else. The boy named Harry, who had been missing his hand below his elbow since birth, was gifted a prosthetic arm with a fabulous twist to ring in the holiday cheer.

Image Source: Instagram| @openbionics
Image Source: Instagram| @openbionics

The prosthetic arm, given for free by the National Health Services and made by Open Bionics, was delivered just in time for Christmas. Harry mentioned that he wanted a good alternative so he could have two arms just like the other kids to be able to enjoy go-karting and several other chores with an equal amount of excitement and cheer. The little boy shared how his previous prosthetic solutions were of help but weighed him down. He added that with the weight of straps, additional parts and so on, there was always some discomfort or lack of enthusiasm.


The solution for Harry was a state-of-the-art Hero Arm which was replicated from that of the popular Iron Man costume. “With the Hero Arm, I can do so many grips, and it has freeze mode, which means when I grip things it locks so I don’t drop them. I also love the design,” the little boy said. With a month-long wait, several trials and much persistence and anticipation, the company ensured that they had the right solution for Harry that worked once and for all. On receiving his new gift, the boy was overjoyed. “When he got it yesterday, he was just beaming, he couldn’t wait to show everybody.” commented his grandmother Susan Higham.

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The little boy’s cheer is evident through his smile and his grandmother adds that he is beyond grateful. “He’ll be able to now really get into the festive spirit, he can pull a Christmas cracker with both hands now, which he’s never been able to do before,” said Susan. The company has posted several updates of their project on their Instagram page and the prosthetic Hero Arm has emerged more wonderfully powerful than ever. The company also shared a video of the boy trying on his Hero Arm and he was overjoyed to try and explore the various features and more.

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A post shared by Open Bionics (@openbionics)


In one of the latest posts revealing the final product, the company mentioned that the Hero Arm is an affordable option that makes a difference. “Robust laser-sintered frames, innovative socket technology, new magnetic covers... and so much more,” the caption read explaining just a few of its super features. “Your limb difference is your superpower,” the caption continued to read and rightly so, little Harry feels nothing less than a superhero just in time with the festive season. 


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