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10-year-old boy calculating the cost of his first date is the cutest thing ever

The boy accounted for a meal but his father reminded him that he needed to have a back-up fund to play a game or buy a gift for his date.

10-year-old boy calculating the cost of his first date is the cutest thing ever
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @moonshinecali02

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 23, 2022. It has since been updated.

Dating can become an expensive affair, especially for the one paying for them. A child calculating his expenses for his first date is the sweetest thing you will see today. And it's no joke that he is ready to work hard for it. In a Reddit video, a 10-year-old Wyatt can be seen calculating the expense with the phone for his first date. Then he tells his family, "Wait, just listen I'll have to have $36 to just get refills and drinks." His father is quick to tell him it would have taken him hours to make that. 

Tiktok | @moonshinecali02
Tiktok| @moonshinecali02


The child doesn't give up and tells his father, "I know what to do." Immediately his father reminds him to not forget to add extra funds in case the girl wants something special, maybe "she wants to play a game or an animal or something." The child seems stressed out and says, "Oh my God. How much are games?" He continues, "So I did the math here. I have five days and I have to work three hours to get $7. Three times 7 is 21."

Tiktok | @moonshinecali02
Tiktok | @moonshinecali02


Wyatt soon panics again, he says, "Oh my God, what is wrong with me? I just realized something I told her we could go to CafeCream after." His family starts laughing and his mother responds, "How are you going to pay for ice cream, Wyatt?" His sister concludes, "You're so dumb!"

People on the internet found his responses extremely funny, some even wanted to sponsor the ice creams on the date. A user said, "The look on his face when he’s reminded to bring extra cash in case she wants something special is priceless. How much are games!?!" Another said, "he's never going to financially recover from this date." Another user said, "When did 10-year-olds start dating? Or am I just too old?" Many even thought that he was paying underpaid for his work. A user said, "3 hours to make $7? He needs to unionize. I assume you get at least minimum wage so you have your edge there." Another wrote, "This kid gets $7 for 3 hrs of work?!?! Another said, Won't she pay for half? In this generation?" "Man, pretty harsh that you are 10 when you realize you can't earn enough money to have a life. $7 an hour is a good rate for a 10-year-old." The video made a round on Tiktok with more than 8 million views and 1.2 million likes. It is captioned, They always want Ice cream after #fyp #dating #thestruggle" 

In another video, a kid asked his classmate Lyla to be his Valentine. The 5-year-old dressed up in a dapper suit and also got flowers and a stuffed toy. His mother said that the child planned everything on his own. He knocked on her door and waited patiently outside, it was 14 degrees and snowing heavily. Lyla's dad opened the door and was surprised to see the kid. “May I see Lyla?” he quietly but confidently asked her dad. Her dad asked Lyla to come to the door and her face lit up seeing him. "Hi, Lyla! Happy Valentine's Day," he wishes her. Lyla takes the gifts from him before giving him a big hug. He quietly walks out with a big smile on his face.

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