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People are using Apple's Vision Pro everywhere and it's giving dystopia feels

The Apple Vision Pro was released recently and many have already thrilled the population with its unusual and questionable use.

People are using Apple's Vision Pro everywhere and it's giving dystopia feels
Cover Image Source: X (Twitter) | (L) @richontech; (R) @AlexFinnX

The impressive Apple came out with its Apple Vision Pro recently, which has taken nothing more than a word for loyal users to get their gadgets immediately. The device which has been designed for seamless viewing, aims to take technology one step ahead and make viewing apps a more lively and creative experience. The main function of Vision Pro is to blend one's digital space with their surroundings and offer a live effect and platform to enter into their digital world. Right from reading, watching or even scrolling through, one is offered a life-size experience altogether. Twitter has been raving with unusual examples of Apple Vision Pro users and the internet has mixed feelings about it.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eren Li
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eren Li

Right from reading, watching or even scrolling through, one is offered a life-size experience altogether. Twitter has been raving with unusual examples of Apple Vision Pro users and the internet has mixed feelings about it. While many are welcoming this technology with open arms, some are calling it dystopian where the lines of virtual and reality blurs.

1. Working on the go 


In a video shared by Alex (@haig89), a man is seen seated on one of the busiest metros working as he journeys along. The only twist is that the man has no equipment other than the Apple Vision Pro. He uses the gadget to create a virtual space visible only to him and effortlessly goes on to type and work with all his attention focused on the Vision Pro. All passengers look on as they can't help but admire and be baffled by the ingeniously bizarre tactic technology has served.

2. Fake identity giving the chills 


Jesse Richards (@iamjesserichard) shared a video where the Apple Vision Pro is doing its best to offer a fake face structuring with the help of AI and its other features. The video captures the woman facing towards her partner and using the gadget to get onto an app and change her partner's face under the lens of the Vision Pro. With ample options, the woman can choose from celebrities like Zac Efron and any other person and make it look like they are with her in the room. Literally, a jittering feature!

3. Formula 1 fan heads assemble!


The Apple Vision Pro is doing wonders when it comes to gaming and sports as well. Alex Banks (@thealexbanks) shared a video revealing the power of technology to bring a virtual reality of the F1 racetrack as the race is going on. So fans are not just watching the race on TV or laptops but seeing it upfront with the help of the 3D tracks and statistics. It's one step away from the feeling of watching the match from the stadium!

4. Real estate just got more real


Real estate agents can move aside if the Vision Pro is at hand with potential buyers. Thanks to virtual reality, people can easily tour homes, rooms and other spaces with a first-hand experience through the lens of the Vision Pro. Rich DeMuro (@richontech) shared a video with an app that makes browsing rooms as simple as possible without getting to the location physically. Whether it's buying homes or even booking rooms or resorts, it's just a click away for a personalized viewing.

5. Anything, Anywhere 


In the next instance, a man is seen carrying on all his digital tasks with the help of the simplest hand gestures and the Vision Pro. He simply gets out of his car without wasting a second and gets to the work he has to attend, thanks to the Vision Pro. Mario Nawfal's (@MarioNawfal) video proves that Vision Pro allows performing actions for any task anywhere as and when required. 

6. Chore away!


The Vision Pro has made it super convenient to get chores done without pausing other tasks, be it calls, work, watching shows and whatnot. In Raj's (@tesla_raj) video, the person is vacuuming their floor while simultaneously watching a show through the Vision Pro with a life-sized screen. The best part is they can carry on vacuuming from one room to the next without pausing or interrupting their watching spree.

7. Unusual yet bold 


The Apple Vision Pro has provided people with the added freedom to do just about anything anywhere with virtual reality. As long as one has the gadget over their eyes, they can carry on without a care in the world. Zac Alsop (@zacallsopp) shared a video where a man is wearing the Vision Pro and walking his robotic pet through the streets of London. While it seems cool to him, the passers-by find it ridiculous that the lens of the newly evolved gadget is blinding the world to the reality that currently exists.

8. Drive away 


In another instance via Blake's (@blakestonk) video, a person is seen seated in a car and virtually driving it. As the car is moving casually on the roads, a further peep revealed that the driver has their hands in the air with the Vision Pro giving gestures to drive rather than using the steering wheel in front of them. The hand gestures help the driver with gears, steering and everything else to keep the vehicle going. 

9. Get fit much? 


The Vision Pro has been uniquely used for gymming as well. Sigil Wen (@0xSigil) shared a video with Vision Pro assisting him in lifting weights at the gym. While the man is busy focusing on the weight, the Vision Pro is taking care of his other atmosphere and even giving him the benefit of multi-tasking while lifting weights. He can choose to watch and listen to music while simultaneously lifting. 

10.  Good old scrolling 


If nothing else, the Vision Pro has surely received the claim of making viewing and scrolling apps much better through the physical experience. In Alex Finn's (@AlexFinn) video, he captioned, "Using TikTok on Apple Vision Pro has changed my life." He is seen scrolling videos, changing them and so on. While it may seem like a casual thing that can be done on a phone or tablet, many argue that having the Vision Pro is an elevated experience altogether. 

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